ESQIDO Little Black Lash Review!

Disclaimer: This blog post is in partnership with ESQIDO. ESQIDO sent me a free product for review. Opinions are 100% my own. Thank you, ESQIDO


Happy Friday, everyone! I am excited to be partnering with ESQIDO today to share my review of their lashes and lash glue! Full disclosure on my experience with false eyelashes - it has not always been an easy journey! As my other monolidded friends out there can attest to, having a monolid makes eye makeup a bit more difficult! This isn’t to say it’s impossible, but it does take more trial and error before you find a makeup look that works for you. My journey with falsies has been no different, but I’m excited to share with you all my thoughts on the ESQIDO products I received. 


The Lashes

I chose to try out ESQIDO’s Little Black Lash style. I wanted to try this style because it’s a beautiful, subtle lash style that gives a very natural feel. I find that, especially with my eye shape, dramatic falsies appear even more dramatic which isn’t really suitable for my day job! I was impressed by how natural these lashes look - while I probably still wouldn’t wear them every day (I’m still not the smoothest at putting on falsies!), I think they are subtle enough to fly under the radar at work. 

At $28, the Little Black Lash will set you back significantly more than a standard pair of drugstore eyelashes. On the bright side, however, I can definitely tell that the quality of these lashes is much better than the quality of the lashes I own from the drugstore. The ESQIDO lashes are very comfortable, the lashes are soft (made out of mink hair) and as a result of this, the lashes come across fluttery and natural. I think if you’re someone who does a really good job of taking care of your lashes, these lashes are absolutely worth the splurge. I’m still a bit torn on whether I would repurchase these since I do love my classic Ardell drugstore lashes, but I can definitely attest to the fact that these lashes from ESQIDO are much better quality if that is what you look for in a false lash!


The Lash Glue

I am a pretty picky person when it comes to beauty products but I can say without a doubt that the ESQIDO companion eyelash glue was THE BEST lash glue I have ever used. Hands down! I honestly cannot say enough good things about it! I’ve owned my fair share of lash glues and the ESQIDO lash glue has everything that I wished my other lash glues had. 

The applicator for this lash glue is a small brush that makes applying it onto a lash band super easy, the formula of the glue is thin and dries quickly, and my falsies stay on much better than they do with other lash glues!  I’m so thrilled to have found a lash glue that works so well! This lash glue will set you back $10 - but it is 100% worth the price! 


Overall, I’m really happy with my ESQIDO products! I’m enjoying the lashes and will for sure be repurchasing the lash glue as soon as I run out! Thanks so much for checking out my blog post in partnership with ESQIDO! Have you tried ESQIDO products? What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


BeautyFix: July 2018 Review


Dermstore: Wet Bag | Retail: $19.99


Raw Spirit: Eau de Parfum Spray in Desert Blush | Full-Size: $185


Box Faves: 

  • Avene Thermal Spring Water! I about jumped for joy when I saw this one in the box. Funnily enough, it was already in my shopping cart on a different website so my BeautyFix subscription box saved me from having to purchase this on my own! What I love about the Avene hydrating mist is that it comes out in a very thin mist and has almost no scent to it (I've had mixed experiences with scented hydrating mists) which makes it feel especially luxurious and hydrating - highly recommend! 
  • R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo - Another tried and true product that I was about to re-purchase myself, this dry shampoo is by far the best dry shampoo I've ever tried. A lot of dry shampoos leave a weird sticky residue on my hair but this one is the first one I've tried that really leaves my hair feeling just as light and dry as it was before I applied the dry shampoo. Another one of my favorites (albeit a little on the pricey side!).
  • Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon - Although I wish the color was a little on the nude-er side, this crayon went on evenly, had great staying power, and even had a nice minty feel to it - such a nice surprise! I'll definitely be keeping this one in my bag!
  • Bioderma Sensibio H20 - This is another tried and true one for me (there were a lot of them in this month's box). The bioderma micellar water might be one of my all-time favorite micellar waters. It feels super light but does an absolute killer job taking off make-up. It's way more effective than I initially expected and I've loved it ever since! Although it tends to have a slightly higher price point than other micellar waters out there, I think it's absolutely worth the price difference for how effective this micellar water is.

Box Flops: 

  • MD Solar Sciences Mineral Cream - I've received this product before and unfortunately, it is a huge flop for me. I'm not sure if I'm receiving especially oily samples or what, but this mineral cream has a ton of oil in it that starts to separate if you don't mix up the product. Since I'm already prone to oiliness on my T-zone, it just feels counterintuitive to put this on my face - sorry! 
  • Raw Spirit Eau De Parfum - The scent I received just was NOT for me. I'm always wary of receiving perfumes in subscription boxes and this is why! They are such a personal thing (and I tend to be so picky about scents) that I find myself chucking or gifting most of my perfume samples :( 

This month's BeautyFix box was an absolute slam dunk for me! I was excited about trying nearly all of the products and many of them were already some of my favorites! Usually, I'm just on the fence about receiving products again but most of the repeat products I received this month were items that I absolutely loved from previous boxes! It's clear that many subscription boxes have a strong sunscreen theme in the summer months and although they don't necessarily excite me, I have to admit that sunscreen based products are extremely useful and have saved me a ton of money over the years! 

What did you think of your subscription boxes this month? Any other ones you think I should try? I'd love to know! 


Ipsy Glam Bag: May 2018 Review ★


The Ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you a personalized bag of full-size and sample size beauty and make-up products for $10 a month. All of their products also come in a cute, handy little make-up bag!


Tarte Cosmetics: Smooth Operating Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder | Full-Size: $33

This finishing powder is so smooth. I love the way it feels once it’s applied on the skin! I have pretty oily skin, so I tend to be pretty picky about the powder products I use. This one leaves my skin feeling extremely matte and has good staying power so it has quickly become a favorite. Plus, I love the cute size of this sample because it’s been perfect for me to throw into my bag for quick touch ups and travel :)

Veneffect Skin Care: Micro-Exfoliant | Full-Size: $60

One thing I love about subscription boxes is when they read my mind and send me a product I've been meaning to buy or try! I recently ran out of an amazing exfoliating scrub and this one came at the perfect time. I love that the beads in this exfoliant very fine so it feels like you're getting every nook and cranny of your face.


TonyMoly: Painting Therapy Pack | Full-Size: $6.50

I'm really excited to be seeing more skincare in ipsy bags lately! This clay mask from TonyMoly was a lot of fun to play with - plus, a little bit goes a long way so this little sample will actually last me quite a while!

SLMISSGLAM: Sparkle Everyday Glam Beauty Sponge | Retail: $17.50

I use sponges from both beauty blender and real techniques regularly in my make-up routine so I was very excited to see this beauty sponge included in my May ipsy bag! Unfortunately, this sponge was a little disappointing. It’s not quite a full size sponge and it doesn’t grow in size as much as the other beauty sponges I own. I find that the beauty sponges that grow in size tend to be the most bouncy which makes it easier to blend foundation into the skin. This sponge did the job, but wasn’t as great as other sponges out there. 


First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum | Full-Size: $36

Like I said, I'm so excited to see more skincare in my ipsy bags like this serum! I am a huge fan of First Aid Beauty - in fact, I think I'ved liked every product I've ever tried from them - and this serum is no different! It has hyaluronic acid and aloe, two of my favorite skincare products, and like all other First Aid Beauty products, it feels super clean and natural on the skin.


Products Mentioned:

I’ve subscribed and un-subscribed to ipsy numerous times over the past couple of years and I think the reason for this is two-fold. 1) If I get a couple of bags in a row that I find underwhelming, it can be difficult to justify the monthly cost given that the samples are usually so small and 2) I have other subscription boxes to which I’m more committed and when I think I have too many samples and can’t keep up with the influx of products, usually ipsy is the first to go! This is why I’m super excited about the fact that they now offer a couple of different subscription options that allow you to change how often you receive an ipsy bag! You can choose to receive a glam bag once a month, once every other month, or even pause your subscription for 3 or 6 months. I've now chosen to receive ipsy just once every other month and I think this will be a great fit for me!

What did you think of your ipsy glam bag this month? Thanks for stopping by!!