Hello and thanks for visiting! I'm ella yvonne -  part-time lifestyle blogger, full-time cat lover, and freelance pinterest diy experimenter. At my "real job", I am a recruiter for an awesome startup in the Chicagoland area, but I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin. I started this blog in the hopes of finding a place to connect with people all around the world who share my addiction to coffee, love for food, obsession with beauty products, and overall awkwardness. 

I am a complete nerd at heart and I love learning. To me, learning new languages is the coolest thing ever. I love traveling, too, but the focus of my traveling is typically food. Despite my love of food, I am a terrible cook so my kitchen endeavors feature me attempting to make things that taste halfway decent. On the creative side, I have way too much fun decorating my apartment/my imaginary sims mansion and visiting IKEA for the appropriate inspiration! 

Deep down, I am an introvert and a homebody who loves spending weekend afternoons curled up with my coffee in my sunny apartment. The definition of my ideal Friday night is cuddling up on the sofa eating ice cream and watching The Bachelor with my boyfriend, who lovingly (or begrudgingly) puts up with my reality TV addiction. My ultimate life goal is to take a selfie with Ellen DeGeneres and to adopt two stripey orange kittens named Clementine and Tangerine. Someday, I'd like to go back to school for a graduate degree in psychology and eventually get certified to teach yoga - although this may be pretty far in the future given my general lack of muscle strength!



This blog is my happy place: a place for me to document the sunnier things in life that I love and cherish, and the thoughts out there that inspire me- whether that’s through dabbling in make-up, fussing with new outfits, sharing pictures of my chubby cat, or sitting back and being real about the fact that exercising really sucks and I will never be able to give up fries. Happiness and making the most out of life are the most important things in the world to me, and if the things I write are useful, inspiring, or just put a smile on your face, I’ll consider that a success :) 

This is also a place where I hope to share many of my life experiences, both the good and the bad, with those of you who may be experiencing the same things. Like anyone else, I know I can get caught up easily in trivial things, but I do my best not to take myself too seriously! Life's not always unicorns and butterflies, but my goal is to always find the life lesson and the humor in every situation. I'm excited to start this project and hope you'll enjoy reading along with me!