PopSugar Must Have: April 2016


The PopSugar Must Have box is a monthly subscription ($40/month or less if you make a 3, 6, or year long commitment)  that sends subscribers full-size versions of the season's must-have beauty, fashion, home, and fitness products.


Canvas Home: Salt & Pepper Shakers - $12

I have to admit, I have never felt the need for salt and pepper shakers and after receiving these, I still feel the same way. I donโ€™t really put extra salt or pepper on my food (although I put ketchup on everything whoops) so these are probably going to sit around in my kitchen unused. Plus, I really donโ€™t love the design of these - eek - this oneโ€™s a dud for me. 


Chrissy Teigen: Cravings, Recipes For All the Food You Want to Eat - $29.99

I love how honest Chrissy Teigen always is so ever since the spoiler came out that her recipe book would be in this monthโ€™s PopSugar, Iโ€™ve been very excited to try it out! This pick is definitely the star of this monthโ€™s box IMHO.


Noon Design Shop: "Lemons" Flour Sack Tea Towel - $18

True story: I have never owned an official tea towel in my life. Normally, I'm using old cut up sheets for rags and literally any towel I find for my kitchen. To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure exactly what I should be using a tea towel for? Enough on my towel illiteracy - this tea towel has a little bit of a sticky/squishy feel which will work nicely to pick up messes in the kitchen so I'm excited to put it to use at my new apartment! 


Farmacy: Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm - $48

Iโ€™m not sure exactly what to call this - a balm, an oil, a gel type thing? - but regardless, it is awesome! I was a little skeptical at first since it looks like a gel in the pot but it turns into a a very smooth oil on the skin that completely absorbs by morning. I was pleasantly surprised by this and have been using it in place of my typical night cream!

Royal Apothem: Field Poppy Conservatories Hand Creme - $24

I was super excited about this product because I love lotions that are marketed as hand cremes since they tend to go onto the skin a lot more smoothly. First off - this product is huge as far as hand cremes go - as big as a tube of toothpaste! The huge con for me, however, is that it smells like Axe which brings me back to middle school hallway days - not a fun memory to revisit. 


Bloom That $20 Gift Card

When I first received this, I thought โ€œhey, this is perfect because Motherโ€™s Day is just around the corner!โ€ but as I browsed the Bloom That website, it was a little disappointing. There wasnโ€™t a ton to chose from and with the flowers + the shipping added up, it became too overpriced for me (even with the $20 gift card!). I ended up looking for a more local vendor to send flowers to my mother - at a much better value. 

Next By Nature: Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - $3.99

Unfortunately, this item was missing from my box!! This is the first time that anything has been missing from my PopSugar box and I was a little disappointed! On the bright side, however, I contacted PopSugarโ€™s customer service right away and they responded quickly by apologizing and saying they would send over the product - no questions asked - so A+ for customer service so far! 


This is the first time Iโ€™ve received a PopSugar box that I wasnโ€™t absolutely thrilled with. Between the axe lotion, the missing espresso beans and the so-so shakers, it was kind of a dud box for me. For me, its only saving grace was the Chrissy Teigen book! What did you think of your PopSugar box? 

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