BeautyFix: June 2017


New subscription box alert!! I am so excited to be sharing my experience with BeautyFix! I am a big subscription box addict - always trying new ones, ditching old ones, or resubscribing to ones I’ve missed. In the last couple of years, I’ve found myself really drawn to all things skincare! Since I always use up all of the skincare items from my other subscription boxes, I thought BeautyFix might be worth a shot since it seems to be more skincare focused than other beauty subscription boxes. Although this isn't technically a new subscription box - it's a new-to-me box and I am so excited to give it a whirl!

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BeautyFix is a monthly skincare, makeup, and haircare subscription box created by DermStore. A monthly subscription is $24.95 per box and a one-time box purchase is $34.95. Most items in the box are either full or deluxe sample size products. 

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Ora: Mirconeedle Face Roller System

This was the first product that caught my attention when I opened the box! The Microneedle Face Roller system is a derma roller that uses small needles to poke tiny holes in your skin and can be used to treat acne, wrinkles, and discoloration. Although the idea of poking holes in my face is a little scary, it’s actually been a lot of fun to use it! I haven’t experienced any pain and it definitely makes my skin feel a little tighter. Hopefully, it’ll help to even out some of my acne after I’ve used it for a couple of months!


Skinceuticals: Resveratrol Serum

I have been using this serum in conjunction with the microneedle face roller and it has been the perfect combination! Although I haven’t noticed too many differences between this serum and other serums/oils I already own, I enjoy the smooth feel of the serum on my skin and will definitely be finishing off this sample quickly!

H20+Beauty: Refining Matcha Detox Mask

I absolutely love this mask! This is an incredible peel-off mask that dries quickly and peels off all in one sheet - plus it leaves my skin looking super glowy and smooth. I’m sold! 

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Paula’s Choice: Sunscreen Spray

You can never have enough sunscreen! I love receiving products in my subscription box that come right as I need them and this product had perfect timing! It is easy to carry around, easy to apply, and is full-size!  


La Roche-Posay: Double Repair Moisturizer

I enjoyed using this in my nighttime skincare routine but only really got two uses out of it. This sample was tiny and there wasn’t really enough of the moisturizer for me to be able to tell if this is a product I’d want to purchase in the future! Although the moisturizer was fine, the size of the sample made it a flop for me. 

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Dermalogica: Nightly Lip Treatment

I’ve been testing this lip treatment in my evening routine and have loved the way it feels on the lips - it goes on very smoothly and has a slight minty smell to it. The only strange thing about this product is that it’s white in color and has a much thinner texture than a typical lip product so it kind of feels like I’m just slathering lotion on my lips - a feeling I don’t really love. Usually, I put a lip balm on overnight and I haven’t really noticed that this lip treatment does anything more for my lips than an average lip balm. I’ll definitely finish this sample, but I won’t be purchasing a full-size anytime soon.

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Supersmile: Professional Whitening System

I’ve tried a lot of different mediocre whitening products over the years so I had pretty low expectations for this product - but I was actually pleasantly surprised by how effective this system was at whitening my teeth! After just a couple of days of use, I swear my teeth are already getting whiter! The only downside to this product is that you brush it onto your teeth dry so I feel like I still need to brush my teeth with water afterwards.


Laura Geller: Waterproof Lip Liner

I’ve been loving this lip liner! It’s a great neutral pinky shade that could really complement a variety of skin tones and doesn’t wear off too quickly. I’ll definitely be using it as an everyday lip shade! Plus, this product is full-size!

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Final Verdict:

I am really happy with all of the items I got in this month’s BeautyFix box. If you can’t already tell, I clearly love skincare - and as a big skincare junkie - these are all items that I will happily be using and testing out this month! Plus, with how expensive skincare can be sometimes, the value of this box is impressive! I don’t want to jinx it but this subscription might be a keeper! Have you ever tried BeautyFix? What are your thoughts on this subscription box? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!