Colour Pop Lip Haul & Review!


Yay Colour Pop! I am so excited to be sharing this post because I am absolutely in love with Colour Pop’s lip products! Kudos to my beautiful friend Raina for introducing me to these products - she gifted me Colour Pop’s Squad kit for Christmas & my lip game hasn’t been the same since! The original kit I received came with two lippie stix and their matching lipliners (Shades: Behr Hug and Jonesing - named after Beth Behr and Rashida Jones). 



Behr Hug

Behr Hug

I love the consistency and long wear of all the products but truly fell in love with the Jonesing shade. Given that I love Rashida Jones and share a similar skin tone, this is probably no surprise! After wearing it nearly every day for a week, I was incredibly impressed by how beautiful the color was and how it all just stayed put! I haven’t been this impressed with a makeup product in a long time so of course, I immediately started scouring the internet for what shades to get next! While both of the original shades I had were creme formulas, I prefer matte formulas since I’m always dabbing at shinier formulas to tone them down anyway! After looking at about a million photos & blog posts (love me some beauty bloggers - they’re so helpful!), I finally decided on the 4 shades below:


Lumiere: This shade wins the award for most surprising! I didn’t think I’d love this shade as much as I did because I tend to prefer strong, dark shades, but Lumiere is such a beautiful nude-y pink color.

colourpop grunge.JPG

Grunge: I went gutsy on this one - I’ve never tried a dark brown shade on the lips before!


LBB: I already own quite a bit of purple lipstick but wanted to give this shade a try because it’s closer to a dark reddish purple than any of the other shades I currently own. It did not disappoint! I love that it’s a bright purple but still keeps it classy with behind-the-scenes red tones. 


Bichette: This is a gorgeous rich classic red. Reds with blue undertones tend to go much better with my skin than reds with orange undertones and Bichette is a perfect cool bright red. This is the only shade where I did not get the matching lipliner since I felt that it was a close enough match to Jonesing that I could use the same lipliner.


I’m so so so happy with all of these! They have amazing staying power and the color on all of them is very pigmented and absolutely gorgeous! If you’re thinking about purchasing some Colour Pop products and you’re not sure what colors to get, I would highly recommend checking out the posts of bloggers who have a similar skin tone to your own (that’s what I did!) and if there is a color that you think looks good on them, more than likely it will look good on you as well!

I’ve already started making a lippie stix wish list in preparation for my next Colour Pop purchase! :) Are you as obsessed with Colour Pop lip products as I am?! I’d love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading