PopSugar Must Have: November 2015

Getting back on track by reviewing my November PopSugar Must Have box while it's still actually November! My cat was really loving the PopSugar box this month so I've included some of her best moments with the box as well :)


The PopSugar Must Have box is a monthly subscription ($40/month or less if you make a 3, 6, or year long commitment)  that sends subscribers full-size and sample versions of the season's must-have beauty, fashion, home, and fitness products.

I love that the PopSugar box includes this little card with descriptions of all the products. Having these descriptionsmakes me even more excited to try all of the products because there are suggestions on how to use each one of them. Plus, being the nerd that I am, I love to go back through my past subscription cards to see all the goodies I've gotten over the years.


Deepan Gurnani: Katie Crystal Headband - Retail $56

This little headband is really the star of this month's PopSugar box! It's so sparkly and really stood out as soon as I opened the box! The headband is really comfortable and looks beautiful - I'm excited to wear it to some upcoming holiday events as it's perfect for the holiday season! 

Gramr Gratitude Co: Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack - Retail $10

These postcards are absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to send them to the people I am thankful for this year. While I do think it's appropriate to have them be Thanksgiving themed since they are in the November PopSugar box - I'm not usually one to send postcards out on Thanksgiving - maybe on Christmas, but Thanksgiving just seems like a weird time to be sending postcards. Regardless, I'm excited to have these to send! 

Terrapin Ridge Farms: Pecan Honey Mustad - Retail $6

I love mustard because I'm a huge sandwich girl and toppings like mustard really pull together all the flavors nicely. This mustard is no different- it's delicious and I love that there's a little twist of pecan in it as well! My only complaint? The top of this mustard jar screws on so tightly that I can't get it off on my own. Time to get working on those push-ups :(

West Emory: Bingo Set - Retail $20

This bingo set is absolutely gorgeous - I love the simplicity of the design and how classy all of the pieces are. I've had it sitting on my living room coffee table ever since I received it from PopSugar and it actually makes for a nice little decorative piece as well. I'm not too big of a bingo fan so I don't think I'll be keeping it but it'll be perfect for re-gifting this Christmas!

Tarte Cosmetics: Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow - Retail $22

These eye shadow shades are absolutely beautiful and so perfect for fall! Since I have a monolid (this means I don't have a crease above my eye), it is more difficult to wear eye shadow so I usually don't buy it on my own, but this little set inspired me to try a few looks! The shades are beautiful but since they're probably not going to get much use in my makeup collection, I'm planning on re-gifting this set. 

Capri Blue: Mercury Jewel Box in Rain - Retail $18.95

I think this candle from Capri Blue has officially gotten me hooked and candle-obsessed. I've had tons of friends telling me for years about how amazing candles are and how they really "just warm up a room". I'm finally a believer thanks to this little box! The candle smells amazing and I love that the little box has decorative holes all around the sides that allow the candlelight to shine through. I've been lighting the candle in the mornings while I'm practicing yoga and I love the ambience it gives the whole room. 

Inkdot Gift Card - Retail $20

I am definitely planning on using this gift card for the upcoming holiday season! I love giving personalized things for Christmas - mugs, notebooks, mouse pads - you name it and I've probably given it to someone for Christmas with their family's face on it. I love being able to personalize items but it looks like Inkdot's main focus is prints and you can only create a couple ofdifferent personalized items (phone cases, coasters, throw pillows). Regardless, I am still excited to use this gift card to create maybe a nice phone case or pillow for my family!

Additional Coupons

PopSugar also included two additional coupons from Capri Blue and Gramr for future purchases. 

This is my second PopSugar box and I have to say - I think I liked the October box just a little bit better since I'll be re-gifting a lot of the things I received in this month's box. Overall, however, the value of this box is still through the roof and I love that it will be saving me some money during the holiday gifting season!

What did you think of this month's PopSugar box? Have any suggestions for other boxes I should subscribe to? I'm always up for suggestions and would love to try more!