Workout Outfit Essentials! ☼

Sweatshirt: Amazon  / Leggings: Marshall's / Shoes: Nike / Tank Top: Forever 21 / Sports Bra: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters /  Hair Tie: Amazon

Sweatshirt: Amazon / Leggings: Marshall's / Shoes: Nike / Tank Top: Forever 21 / Sports Bra: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters / Hair Tie: Amazon


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Working out is always a little bit of a struggle (for lazy people like me! 😛) but I find that having a handful of go-to workout essentials makes it just a tad easier. I'm a huge fan of bright colors and workout gear is the best place to show off all of your favorite bright colors at the same time! There are tons of expensive workout brands out there that want to make you think that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy workout gear but some of my favorite workout clothes come from places like Marshall's and Forever 21 - you can truly find great workout gear without having to break the bank! Below are some of my favorite workout essentials!

Bright Leggings! 

I wear leggings pretty much 24/7 but I reserve my especially colorful ones for my workouts! One of my favorite places to get leggings is Marshall's because they always have tons of colorful leggings from about a bazillion different brands. If you're looking for more trendy leggings, Fabletics is also a great place to look! 

Comfortable Shoes

I'm pretty frugal when it comes to workout clothes but shoes are the one area where I think it's worth the splurge! Nike is a great brand for shoes in tons of different colors & styles that are also super comfortable. I'm always able to find great deals on Nikes at outlet malls, too! 

Fun Hair Ties

This might seem like a very minor thing, but I find that having fun hair ties makes working out in the early morning that much easier! Lately, I've been loving colorful ribbon style hair ties and old school scrunchies to throw up my hair :) 

A Cozy Sweatshirt

There are a lot of fancy workout zip-ups out there, but I've found that a cozy sweatshirt often does the trick for my workouts! I get cold pretty easily, so as soon as my workout slows down, I always feel a little chilly! Crewneck sweatshirts are my all-time favorite. They are super affordable (most of mine are $10 off of Amazon!) and come in every color of the rainbow! 

A Water Bottle w/Straw

Last, but not least, a water bottle! I find that water bottles with straws tend to be best for workouts because re-hydrating during a workout is super important, but if you're bouncing on a bike or taking a pit stop between downward and upward dog, it's simply easier to take a swig of water out of a straw. Being the uncoordinated person that I am, if I don't have a straw, I usually end up pouring half of the bottle down my shirt instead!

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to spring! Thanks for stopping by! :)