4 Ways to Brighten Your Office Desk!

If you follow my Instagram you'll notice that I absolutely love colors. Any and all colors are welcome in my closet, in my office, in my apartment - you name it and it's there. I think part of the reason I have such a strong love for brightly colored surroundings is that I am easily affected by the mood of my environment and bright colors gives off a cheerful vibe that helps to keep me sane - especially during the winter months.

Ever since I started working a 9-5, I became obsessed with decorating my desk space so that I could make it through a whole day in the same spot! As a student, I almost never had this problem because I was up and outside on my feet within an hour or two. In a full-time position, however, making an effort to brighten my desk has really helped make long days much more manageable!


1. Keyboard Covers

If you work in a typical office like I do, one of the easiest ways to dress up your technologyis by throwing on some colorful keyboard covers. Since my company provides another keyboard for me in addition to my laptop's keyboard, I chose two colors that complement one another (blue and purple) from this collection of covers I got from Amazon.


2. Post-It Notes (and other supplies!)

Post-It notes are another simple way I have found to brighten an otherwise dreary desk! They come in all sizes and colors to suit whatever color preferences you may have and are incredibly useful to boot. As someone who is constantly making lists, it's nice to have a convenient stack of post-its that also function as colorful accessories for my desk :)


3. Pretty Coffee Mugs

Most people drink coffee or tea at work and while this may seem like a relatively mundane part of the work day, it is the perfect opportunity to brighten up your office space with colorful, artistic, or even motivational mugs! I even use a matching set of bowls and mugs on my own desk- the bowl holds all of my desktop knick knacks, one mug holds all of my pens, and the other mug is my designated coffee mug. Starbucks always has a gorgeous selection of beautiful mugs and I am highly considering buying this classy (and inspirational!) one from Amazon:  Mug


4. Desktop Backgrounds

Since I keep my computer desktop pretty clean, it's a great space to decorate with images and patterns that help to brighten my mood. Vera Bradley has downloadable desktop backgrounds that I use frequently. I also love to use images of sunflowers as my background because I like to think I can trick myself into thinking I'm outside!


Bonus Tip:

If your office allows it, taking brief walks outside- maybe just for coffee or lunch - can really help to break up a long work day. I am lucky enough to work in an office where we are free to take breaks whenever we need to and people are often in and out of the office taking walks and even taking all of their calls outdoors when the weather is nice. Walks, coffee breaks with co-workers, or even simply taking a meeting outside instead of in the office can really help to dash away the blues and revamp your work day!