Colour Pop Holiday Lip Kit Review ♥

Liquid lipsticks have become such a favorite of mine over the past year that I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on some of the new holiday kits from Colour Pop! It seems like Colour Pop is most known for their matte lipsticks and since it's talked about so much in the blogosphere, I wanted to give them a go to see for myself! I ended up choosing two of their new holiday lipkits - Forever or Never and On a Whim


Forever or Never

This is one of the full size lip kits from Colour Pop's holiday collection this year. I've tried Colour Pop's lippie stix in the past and have enjoyed the matte finish lippie stix the most, so I was looking forward to trying this ultra matte kit.

IMG_3672 2.JPG

My favorite of these shades has to be Bumble! I think it's a great everyday shade that's not too bright but gives my face the wake-up it needs on those cold winter mornings! While I loved the bright shades of this kit, I was actually a little bit disappointed by the formulas of the matte lipsticks. I'm not sure if all of Colour Pop's matte lipsticks have this same formula, but these lipsticks were so incredibly drying on the lips that it made them difficult to wear. Normally, I want a matte lipstick to be a little bit drying so that the color stays in place, but these lipsticks take it to an extreme level. I felt like I could see every little line in my lips and if I put more than one layer on, the lipstick would start to cake off in a matter of minutes. For the lighter shades, this didn't matter too much, but for the darker shades, it was a a little too obvious when the color started to flake off! 

IMG_4071 2.JPG

On top of that, the darker shades left a bright pink stain on my lips even after I rubbed at them with make-up remover - so if you thought your lipstick was going to slowly fade into a natural lip color, you were wrong! As much as I love Colour Pop's other products, this was definitely a dud for me. I'll try my best to get some use out of these lipsticks and let you know if I find any better methods for cancelling out the dryness of the formula! After all, I do still very much love the beautiful colors of this kit. 


On a Whim

This little ultra satin set drew me in with its neutral shades since I've been looking for a neutral set of lipsticks to wear to work! Plus, they come in a sweet little travel size that is great for bringing on the go and for testing out different shades. 


I loved the formula of these lipsticks so much that I'm a little disappointed that this kit was a mini, not a full size! While they are labeled as a satin formula and do feel very satin-y on the lips, I actually think they look quite matte and could definitely pass for a matte lipstick. I am a huge fan of this little kit and will definitely be perusing this formula for future lip purchases! 


Final Verdict: I think these holiday kits would make perfect holiday gifts for any make-up lover out there because it allows you to try a handful of different shades! Instead of the matte formula, however, I'd definitely suggest going for the satin formula for a more wearable lipstick! For both kits, I also felt that the shade in the tube was significantly darker than it appeared through the packaging. So, if you are shopping on Colour Pop's website, be mindful of the fact that the shade in the tube may actually be darker than it appears. What did you think of the Colour Pop holiday kits? What was your experience like? I'd love to hear your thoughts!