BeautyFix Review | May 2019


BeautyFix is a monthly skincare, makeup, and haircare subscription box created by Dermstore. A monthly subscription is $24.95 per box and a one-time box purchase is $34.95. Most items in the box are either full or deluxe sample size products. 


Tocca: Giulietta | Full-Size $76


Skyn Iceland: Firming Eye Gels | Full-Size $30 for 8 pairs


Box Faves:

  • Skyn Iceland Eye Gels: BeautyFix sent this in a previous box and I loved these eye gels - they’re so cooling and so comfortable - even more so than other similar eye gels! They do run a little on the expensive side so I especially like receiving them in subscription boxes since this makes them a little more affordable!

  • Dermologica Sleep Cocoon: I absolutely loved this sleep cocoon because it goes on like a cooling gel but lasts all night long! Usually anything that moisturizers throughout the night tends to be a little on the heavier side but this product feels really light and feels like it still has some moisture left in the morning, so I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

Box Flops:

  • Tocca Perfume: If you’ve read my reviews before, this will be nothing new, but I am not a fan of receiving perfumes in subscription boxes! I don’t think they bring a lot of value to the boxes and since I tend to be pretty picky about scents, they’re not particularly useful for me since I rarely find a scent that I like through a subscription box. I know this works for other people but I tend to prefer finding perfumes in stores!


This month's BeautyFix was a bit of a weird one for me because although I liked most of the products, they were also mostly products I've already received in previous BeautyFix boxes. I still think the value of the box was absolutely stellar and the products in the box were great, however, I do wish that there was a little more variety in the brands and products that they included in the box so that I could've tried different things - after all, isn't that sort of the point of subscription boxes?