Embracing Adventure

Hoodie: Target // Sunglasses: Target // Backpack: Nordstrom // Shoes: Sperry

Hoodie: Target // Sunglasses: Target // Backpack: Nordstrom // Shoes: Sperry

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I love going out on adventures during the summer and autumn months because I always end up finding new nooks around town that I’ve never discovered before. This outfit has been perfect for those low-key days where I just want to do a little adventuring! For a while, I really hated going out of my way to explore new places. As someone who is a major homebody, introvert, and gets anxious on top of it all, it’s not something that comes naturally to me. It’s only with some self-awareness and self-acceptance that I’ve come to the point where I can embrace my own version of adventure. 

When I think of an “adventurous” person, things like skydiving, backpacking, surfing, or bungee jumping come to mind. These aren’t activities I’m comfortable with - nor do I think I’ll ever be comfortable enough to do them - but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace adventure in other ways! For me, being adventurous means trying new things, visiting places I’ve never been, thinking outside of the box, exploring town without an agenda, and even being brave enough to do all of these things alone. Embracing this form of adventure has helped introduce me to new experiences and is something I hope to continue in the future! How do you embrace adventure in your own life?