Ipsy Glam Bag: January 2016


I fell in love with subscription boxes when I started in 2012 with a subscription to Birchbox. Since then, I have fallen in and out of love with different boxes, but I'm always excited to try new boxes. I love coming home to a package in the mail and getting to try new beauty samples without having to spend money on full-size products. I originally subscribed simply because I loved the idea of getting a little gift every month, but I've since found that beauty boxes have actually helped curb my makeup buying habits. I find that (contrary to popular belief) I actually buy less makeup since I know that I will always get a new lip product or nail polish every couple of months .

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription that gives subscribers 4-5 sample and full size products for $10 a month. All of the beauty samples also come in a handy little makeup bag. I love that all of Ipsy's products come in these adorable bags because they are insanely useful for holding just about anything!


Dirty Little Secrets Cosmetics: Satin Lipstick in Vengeance

Receiving new lip products is my favorite part of getting my ipsy bag! I always get at least one new lip product and since I love trying new lip shades, ipsy is perfect for this. While I'm not in love with this shade - it's a little too bright for my taste - it will still work nicely in combination with some more muted shades. 


Tucker Ashley: Advanced Peptide Eye Complex

I'm always excited about trying new anti-aging products not really because I'm overly obsessed with preventing aging so much as I love feeling like I'm doing something good for my skin, so the more creams I can slather on my face the better - ha! This eye cream has a neutral smell and feels nice and cool on the skin. Plus, the sample is pretty big for an eye cream so it will last me quite a while.  


MARSK: Mineral Eyeshadow

Like I've mentioned in multiple past posts - eye shadow is still a product that I'm learning to use since it can be very tricky with the shape of my eyes. Since I already have a ton of eye shadow that I do not use very often, I really wasn’t looking to receive any more. I always indicate on my profile that I'm not interested in eye shadow but somehow I end up with an eye shadow in every bag. I wish I had the option to opt out of receiving certain products and really feel that this is somewhere that ipsy can work to improve. 


Promise Organic: Ultra Moisturizing Argan Crème Facial Lotion

I love receiving any type of facial lotion in my ipsy bags because I'm always looking for new and better moisturizing products! This one has a nice, natural smell and the consistency is thin. In my experience, many facial lotions have been too heavy and oily for my combination skin so I love that this facial lotion feels light and really feels like it's re-hydrating my face rather than dumping a layer of oil over it!


theBalm Cosmetics: Mr. Write (Now)

I've received a couple of past items from theBalm in my ipsy bag before but have yet to find a product that I'm really in love with.  I like that this eyeliner comes in a twist-up format but it didn't slide on as easily as I was hoping it would despite the fact that I'd primed my eyelids beforehand. 

Unfortunately, for now, I've decided to put a hold on my ipsy subscription. While this likely won't be a permanent cancellation because I do love trying out new beauty samples, I'm really not thrilled with the products I've received in the last couple of months and I don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth of products that are actually relevant to my personal preferences.


Maybe it's time I switched back to Birchbox or tried a new beauty box? I'm still trying to decide! If you've got a beauty box you think I should try, let me know!