PopSugar Must Have: January 2016

Say hello to my first PopSugar of 2016! This month's theme was all about the new year and making time to refresh and renew! As someone who can get stressed very easily if I don't take time to practice self-care, there are many items in this box that I'm excited to use in my self-care practice!


The PopSugar Must Have box is a monthly subscription ($40/month or less if you make a 3, 6, or year long commitment)  that sends subscribers full-size versions of the season's must-have beauty, fashion, home, and fitness products.


Pehr Designs: Pebble Speck Bin - Retail $40

I love it when PopSugar includes awesome home products like this Speck Bin! This bin is perfect for storing knick knacks and looks so so cute with just about any furniture. I've already put it to use holding my stash of knitting needles and yarn (it tends to get all over the living room when I'm feeling crafty) and it fits perfectly into the little corner nook next to my couch! 


Spark Joy by Marie Kondo - Retail $18.99

PopSugar always manages to send me things I've already been looking to buy anyway, so here comes another one: Marie Kondo's guide on organizing life! While I'm not someone who hoards a ton of stuff, there are always areas for improvement so I'm excited to try out Kondo's methodology to see if I can simplify my life more by clearing out clutter. 


Patchology: FlashMasque Trio - Retail $20

A girl can never have enough facial masks! This trio came with masks for different functions (hydrating, exfoliating, and illuminating) and they only need to be left on for five minutes. I've already used the hydrating mask and it definitely made my skin feel hydrated so I'm excited to use the rest! 


Blue Sky: Day Designer Weekly Planner - Retail $15.99

I was most excited to see this Day Designer planner from Blue Sky in my PopSugar! The cover is a gorgeous Robin's egg blue - plus it's flexible and the planner is small enough that I can easily transport it in any purse. While I already own a full-size original Day Designer. I've been using this sweet little planner as my editorial calendar for my blog and it provides just enough space to do the trick! 


Not Soap, Radio: Bath & Shower Gel Gift Set - Retail $22

I've been meaning to take more baths so I'm excited that these shower gels double as bath gels! I'm not in love with all of the smells, but I love that the collection includes a ton of different scents to choose from with creative labels as well!


Project 7, Inc: Summer Snow Sugar Free Gum - $1.99

For this month's sweet treat, PopSugar included gum from Project Inc. What I liked about this gum is that its flavors are based on snow cone flavors - very different than the standard mint/fruity flavors gums usually come in. Plus, the gum is sugar free so I don't feel like I'm ruining my teeth in the process of chewing it! 


Chapstick: Total Hydration 100% Natural Soothing Vanilla - $2.99

Chapstick is one of my favorite classic brands so I was excited to see this in my PopSugar as it's something that I'd buy on a normal basis anyway. I definitely appreciate the fact that PopSugar always includes things that are not only new products but also things that subscribers are likely to use. It makes me feel like I'm getting much more value out of my box when everything I'm getting is something I'm bound to use. 


I am thrilled with this month's PopSugar! There is not a single thing that I won't be using in this month's PopSugar! Plus, the value of the box is (as always) way more than the price I paid for it and that makes this bargain hunter very pleased!

PopSugar is truly the only subscription box I've tried so far that has yet to disappoint. With other boxes, there have always been months where I love every product and other months where I feel like cancelling the subscription all together. So far, PopSugar has impressed me with the value and quality of the products in every box I've received!

Since I finally decided to give my Ipsy bag the axe (for now), I'm now on the lookout for another subscription box to complement my PopSugar! If you've got a suggestion, shoot me a note on social media or my contact page - I'd love to hear from you!