PopSugar Must Have: December 2015


I think this month's PopSugar box is my favorite of all of the boxes I've received! There's not one thing in this month's box that I won't be using. Plus, it's introduced me to a couple of new brands that I love and am excited to learn more about! As always, my curious little cat couldn't keep her paws off the new goodies so I've featured some of her shenanigans as well (: 


The PopSugar Must Have box is a monthly subscription (about $40/month or less if you make a 3 or 6 month commitment)  that sends subscribers full-size versions of the season's must-have beauty, fashion, home, and fitness products.

I love that the PopSugar box includes a little card each month with descriptions of all the products. Having these descriptionsmakes me even more excited to try all of the products because there are suggestions on how to use each one of them. Plus, being the nerd that I am, I love to go back through my past subscription cards to see all the goodies I've gotten over the years.


Luv Aj The Rose: Gold Ombre Bracelet - Retail $65

After an initial look at this ombre bracelet, I loved the style but wasn't sure how it would fit with my existing accessories/clothing since I very rarely buy anything that resembles a chain. After wearing it alongside my watch for a couple of days, however, the bracelet has really started to grow on me! The simplicity of the bracelet means that it pairs well when placed with other accessories. Although I do wish that the whole thing was rose gold instead, the ombre colors are very in tune with current trends.


Stowaway Cosmetics: Crème Lipstick Trio - Retail $30

I love the size of this sweet little lipstick trio! Lip products are my number one makeup purchase but I always find myself not being able to use up all of my lipsticks before they expire. These stowaway lipsticks are the perfect little size and incredibly handy to carry around in a purse or even a clutch. Plus the lipstick colors are beautiful and bright and the lipstick itself has a nice faint minty smell.


Nima Oberoi: Lunares Geo Stopper - Retail $24

I am constantly losing my wine stoppers (I have no idea where they disappear to - probably the same place as all my hair ties and bobby pins wander off to) so I was very excited to receive this geo stopper. All of my other stoppers are rubber and come in bright colors so I like that this stopper has a classy, more luxurious-looking design.


Swing Design Nova: Blue Mist Jewelry Box - Retail $36

This little jewelry box is so sweet and adorable! The light blue color is absolutely beautiful and the material on the outside is incredibly soft. Since I already have a bajillion boxes/hangers for my jewelry, my plan is to use this as a desk organizer for my office. Since it’s such a simple, classic-looking box it would pretty much fit in anywhere as the perfect place to store knick knacks. 

My Cup of Cake: Classic Belgian Chocolate - Retail $5.99

I was pleasantly surprised by this little Belgian cake in a cup mix! I’ve tried a couple of Pinterest mug cake mixes that ultimately didn’t end up being very tasty so hopefully a pre-made mix will make a slightly more successful cake. I’m excited to use this mix on a cozy holiday evening with some hot chocolate and slippers (: 


Meri Meri: Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape - Retail $4

One of the things I love about PopSugar is that the focus of their box is not just limited to beauty or fashion items. As someone who is not only beauty-obsessed but also an organization freak, I loved this little glitter tape addition to the box! Although I think it's intended for Christmas-wrapping, I love using different colored tapes in my planner so I plan to use this glitter tape there. 

Gift Tag Stickers + $20 Tiny Prints Promo Card + coupons

I used these Tiny Prints gift tag stickers (not pictured- sorry!)  as soon as I received them as I had a box full of presents labeled with sticky notes at the time! These gift tags are classically designed and simple to use so I will definitely be looking into more of the Tiny Prints products to see where I can use my $20 promo card! PopSugar also included two coupons for future Stowaway and My Cup of Cake purchases.

This was the last box of my initial 3-box test run of the PopSugar Must Have and I’m hooked! I’ve already been planning on buying more PopSugar boxes and saw that they had a fantastic deal for $75 off 6 more boxes. Unfortunately for me - because I didn’t read the fine print carefully - this meant that I made the mistake of buying two December boxes. Lucky for me, however, I love every single item in this box so much that I’m not even mad that I’ll be getting a double! 

What did you think of your December PopSugar box? I would love to hear from you! 

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