Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide!

I'm usually a huge planner making lists upon lists of Christmas gifts months before the holiday gifting season even starts, but there are always a few that somehow slip through the cracks and become a part of my last minute scramble to get every gift ready for the holidays. I thought I would share my last-minute holiday gift guide for every type of person on your gift list!


For the coffee addict:

Starbucks Mugs: $10-$30 (Their holiday styles are on sale now!) Any coffee addict knows that a big, cozy coffee mug makes a huge difference when it comes to rough mornings. Starbucks has a huge selection of mugs in all shapes and sizes with a huge variety of patterns as well. Their travel mugs and tumblers, too, are some of the sturdiest and most stylish ones out there. I've found that a lot of mytravel mugs end up leaking after use or start to deteriorate after a season, but my Starbucks mugs are always just as put together as the first day I bought them. 


For the mother-in-law:

Bath & Body Works Candles: $22.50 (currently $15 on sale!). Candles are one of the easiest gifts for anyone who owns a home or apartment and loves making it just a little bit homier! Bath & Body Works has an amazing line of three-wick candles that comes in all kinds of scents. Since the holiday season is prime time for candle buying - they're very easy to find and pick up - which makes them perfect for last-minute gifting! 


For the work-a-holic:

Day Designer: $50 + Shipping. I haven't even started using my 2016 Day Designer yet and I'm already suggesting it as a gift. Work-a-holics need an on point organization to get all of their work done and Day Designers offer a classy, beautifully styled planner that is set up to make organizing hectic lives easier. 

Desk Terrarium: $18-$50.  Work-a-holics are constantly stressed and staring at a boring desk all day can make for long days. A desk terrarium brings a little bit of green outdoorsiness into the office and can help brighten your work-a-holic's mood! 


For the hard-to-shop-for dad/brother:

Go Tech: cost varies. I've always found it incredibly difficult to shop for the men in my life (dad, brother, boyfriend - you name it) but one thing I've found that they generally all appreciate is tech gifts . While tech gifts tend to be a little on the pricier side, the sleeker and more high-tech a gift is, the more likely they are to appreciate the gift! Some examples of past gifts I've given include noise cancelling headphones like these and wireless chargers like this one.

Birchbox Man: $20/month (or less if you buy a 3 or 6 month deal). I know, I know - here she goes again with the subscription boxes - I can't help it! Subscription boxes have not only been fun for me, they've also been a life saver when it comes to gift ideas. There's a subscription box for nearly everything and when it's gifting season and I'm running out of ideas, they are perfect because all you have to do is select a box that caters to the interests of your giftee. Plus, it's a gift that keeps giving long after the holiday season has passed, which in my opinion, makes it more fun! Birchbox man is an awesome box if you have a hard-to-shop-for man in your life. It provides a monthly subscription of hygiene and lifestyle items that are picked and sent for you (less work for you!). 

For the couple-friends:

Groupons: cost varies. As I've gotten older, there are more and more cases where I feel like I need to get my couple friends a collective "couple gift" rather than individual gifts - especially since I usually know one of them better than the other but don’t want the other to feel left out! Usually when I'm in a pickle like this, Groupon becomes my number one source of "couple" gift ideas. There are tons of date night ideas to choose from - plus, you can instantly print the groupon out or send it via email which makes it a perfect last-minute gift. 


For the health-crazed:

Fitbit: varies. I can't say enough good things about my fitbit and would highly recommend it to anyone else who is looking to keep better tabs on their fitness goals this upcoming year. Tracking my eating habits and workouts has given me a realistic look at what I need to do to be healthier - plus it's fun to compete with friends who also have fitbits to see who can get the most steps (:

ClassPass: varies by city. If you're lucky enough to live in or close to a big city, ClassPass is a fantastic service that allows you to take classes at boutique yoga, pilates, cycling or other fitness studios with just one pass (instead of having to buy each membership individually!) While I currently do not have a class pass because I'm part of a gym that offers great classes, Classpass is something I've considered joining over and over again because it offers such an unbeatable deal. 


For the perpetually-cold:

Toast Hand Warmers: $46. Not only are these the cutest hand warmers to have ever graced the earth, they are also incredibly useful for the perpetually-cold! Just make sure to check on the dress code of your friend's office - while they're adorable, they may not be considered "professional"!


For the cat-lover:

Space Cat Leggings: $16.  Because….well, who doesn’t want leggings with cats in space on them. 


I hope that these last-minute holiday gift ideas can help round out your holiday shopping for the 2015 season! Happy Holidays everyone!