Tarte Shape Tape: Worth the Hype?



The thing that makes Tarte Shape Tape stand out most compared to other concealers is how large the product’s packaging is. Usually you see concealers come in these thin, dainty tubes but shape tape comes in a package almost two times fatter than most of my other concealers! It’s had to tell whether this packaging means that you are actually getting more product or if it’s just extra plastic around the sides. Overall, however, there’s nothing special about the concealer’s packaging other than its sheer size. 

ACS_0005 2.JPG


Shape tape’s applicator, however, is a whole other story! Like most liquid concealers, shape tape comes with a doe foot applicator but unlike other liquid concealers, the doe foot applicator is ginormous. The doe foot applicator is about the thickness of my pinky finger and given that most doe foot applicators are about a quarter of that size, this definitely changes the way that you apply the product! Another thing I have also noticed about the applicator is that it’s much more sponge-y than other doe foot applicators. I’m not sure if this is simply due to the applicator's increased size, but with the bigger size and the spongier consistency, I find myself dabbing this concealer on the under eyes rather than the downward swiping motion I would usually use with concealers.



As you’ve probably already heard about shape tape, this product is full coverage. I like to use it for my undereye circles and with this concealer, you really only need a couple of tiny dots of product in order to cover your entire undereye area. Although I love that the product is so full coverage, I think its formula ends up being very thick because it is so full coverage. This makes it a lot harder to blend out which means the concealer can look very cake-y if I don’t take extra special care when applying it! The best way that I’ve found to apply shape tape is to apply a couple of tiny dots to my undereye and immediately blend it out with a damp beauty blender. I’ve found that if I leave it on my skin for any amount of time before blending it out, that it often won’t blend out as well and ends up looking thick and cake-y underneath the eyes. 


Shape tape will set you back $27 at Ulta. While this might not seem like a lot when it comes to high-end make-up products, you can find tons of drugstore concealers for a quarter of the cost! The only thing that justifies the $27 you’ll have to spend is the fact that you don’t need a lot of product to get tons of coverage!


Final Verdict

Is it worth the hype? Not really. At least not for me. While I think it’s a good product if you’re someone who needs a lot of coverage underneath the eyes, for the cost and how fussy the formula is, I think most people would be better off with another concealer. There are a lot of other concealers out there that offer great coverage but are more affordable and more forgiving if you don’t blend them exactly the right way. While its a great product that I’ll probably still reach for on nights out or special events where I need a lot of long lasting coverage, I don't think it's worth the hype when it comes to everyday use. As someone who likes to keep my makeup products as easy to use as possible, Tarte Shape Tape is just a little too fussy to be worth it.

What did you think of Tarte Shape Tape? Did you think it was worth the hype? I’d love to hear your thoughts!