Twenty Nineteen Word of the Year ♥


Hello, everyone! Today, I thought I’d share my word of the year for twenty nineteen! In case you haven’t already guessed by the photo above, the word I’ve chosen for this year is impermanence.

The timing of this post might seem a little strange since it’s the middle of February and not January 1st (when most people would be posting and sharing their new year’s goals), however, I actually think this is the perfect time to re-focus because I find this is about the time during the year when all my ambitious new year’s goals fall to the wayside! 

I gave up setting (usually giant and unachievable) new year’s goals a couple of years ago. Through instagram, I found a little community of people who choose to set words of the year rather than lists of goals. This really resonated with me because, frankly, a word of the year is much easier to remember than a whole list of goals! I have anxiety, and when there are too many things to do and not enough time, my anxiety loves to show up and remind me of how stressed I should be :) Setting a word of the year has helped me simplify things, has forced me to decide what truly matters to me, and allows me to set a more holistic theme that I can use to approach any decision or situation in the upcoming year. 

Last year, I chose balance as my word of the year and it truly shaped my year for the better. Remembering to keep things balanced really allowed me to be kinder to myself. In areas where I might’ve beat myself for not working hard enough, having this overarching theme of balance reminded me that not every day was about working day in and day out! While I might work my butt off one day, the next day, I might lounge around the house with very little motivation - and that’s completely okay! The idea of balance helped me treat myself with more compassion and allowed me to enjoy my down time rather than feeling guilty. 

This year, I settled on the word impermanence because it’s really struck a chord with me after my first semester of graduate school. As much as I tried to prepare for the intensity that is a PhD program, nothing can truly prepare you for the onslaught of work and high expectations it throws your way! Through the more difficult exams, projects, and research roadblocks, knowing that nothing will last forever has helped immensely. That feeling of not knowing what I’m doing and feeling like I’m so far behind? Impermanent. That feeling of anxiety before a big presentation? Impermanent. The 100th freezing cold, snowy day in Wisconsin? Also impermanent! I’m really happy with what I’ve chosen as my focus for twenty nineteen. The concept of impermanence as already helped me immensely and I know it will continue to help me keep things in perspective throughout this year. 

I also wanted to share that I didn’t settle on this word until the end of January! I think it’s incredibly important to give adequate time and thought to what you want the focus of your year to be. At first, I thought I’d continue to focus on balance because it had been working so well for me, however, it didn’t resonate with me the same way it had a year ago. I felt like I’d grown past the idea of balance and already adopted it fully into my life. Learning to let things go and overcoming the anxiety that’s come with graduate school is a new challenge I’ve faced over the past couple of months and the idea of impermanence felt like a more appropriate starting point. All of which is to say, take your time deciding on your focus for the year! There’s nothing special about January 1st so don’t put so much pressure on yourself and choose a focus that truly resonates with who you are and what you need this upcoming year. 

What are you themes for the new year? How do you plan to grow and challenge yourself this year? I’d love to hear about your twenty nineteen plans!


BeautyFix Review: January 2019

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support!


BeautyFix is a monthly skincare, makeup, and haircare subscription box created by Dermstore. A monthly subscription is $24.95 per box and a one-time box purchase is $34.95. Most items in the box are either full or deluxe sample size products. 


SmartFX: Smartlash Eyelash Enhancer - Full-Size $29.95

Box Faves

  • Avene Thermal Spring Water: I'm pretty sure I've raved about this on many a blog post but I have an unhealthy obsession with this product. I'm not sure that it's actually doing anything for me, but there's something about the way it sprays so evenly on the face that is really cooling and refreshing. It even helps to calm my anxiety sometimes so I'd highly recommend checking it out (or just a facial mist in general) if you've never tried it before!

  • Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter: THIS y'all, is why I'm subscribed to an obscene number of subscription boxes. Finding products like this. This shampoo smells absolutely amazing and the smell lasts forever in my hair such that I can pretty much smell it the entire rest of the day. I'm in love. Brb while I buy 10 more on amazon :)

Box Flops

  • HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse Supplements: Again, this is just a personal preference, but I'm not big on beauty supplements. Maybe it's something I'll get into in the future but every time I receive a beauty supplement, I typically gift it or it simply sits in my kitchen cabinet for months!

I am always so impressed by the value of the BeautyFix boxes. If you are a skincare junkie like I am, you really cannot go wrong with the BeautyFix boxes. Through these boxes I’ve been introduced to tons of new brands and products that I’ve really enjoyed and I always feel like i’m getting such a great deal on products that are oftentimes high-end and therefore, much more expensive than the $25 price tag of the BeautyFix box!

What did you think of your subscription boxes this month? Are there any others you think I should try? I'd love to hear from you!


PopSugar Must Have vs. FabFitFun: Winter 2018 Box!

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog! :)

Good morning, everyone! I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts on the winter PopSugar Must Have and FabFitFun boxes today :) If you’re curious about how these two quarterly boxes compare to one another, stay tuned! 


PopSugar Must Have

The PopSugar Must Have box is a $75/box quarterly subscription that includes full-size fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle items. This summer’s box focused on products that will help you unwind and relax! 


Box Faves:

  • Ellia Essential Oil Roll-on: I was so excited to receive this product because I’ve been exploring essential oils as a way to reduce anxiety. Every since starting graduate school, I’ve noticed my anxiety flaring up and using essential oils is one way I’m trying to stop anxiety in its tracks! This on-the-go roller will make bringing my essential oils around so much easier!

  • Kate Spade Calendar: I’m a little obsessed with all things planner, calendar, and organization related. This Kate Spade calendar is classy and is working its magic bringing a little liveliness to my boring office desk!

Box Flops:

  • Honestly? I don’t have any particular flops to share because I wasn’t really thrilled with anything else in the box! While the rest of the box included some stunning products, most of it was stuff I didn’t really feel like I needed or wanted!


FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends full-size versions of the seasons top fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness products. Each box is about $50 if you subscribe month-to-month and slightly less if you select an annual subscription.


Box Faves:

  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick: Hands down my favorite of the box :) I love a good lipstick and Bite does an amazing lipstick. Every lipstick I have from Bite has easily become a favorite because of their amazing formula (perfect mix between moisturizing + decent staying power)!

  • Bearpaw Headband and Glove Duo: I didn't think this was going to be one of my favorites but I've continued to reach for this headband and glove duo over and over again!

Box Flops:

  • Anthropolie x Mer-Sea Body Cream: I really wanted to like this body cream, but the scent was just too much for me - I swear you can smell it from 2 rooms over if I put even a tiny bit on my hands!

  • Thrive Causemetics Eye Brightener: This was a flop for me because I already own this product and hardly *ever* use it! Although the formula of the product goes on really smoothly, this eye brightener doesn't really show up much on my skin, so I think I'll be gifting it to someone else!

The winner: FabFitFun

This season, there was a clear winner for me - so much so that I actually cancelled my subscription for the must have box! (sorry popsugar!). As much as I used to love the PopSugar box, I’ve found that the new quarterly box format really wasn’t for me. Although the products they select are now higher quality and always nice to have, I’ve found that the box no longer really fits my life at the moment. I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to be more intentional about the things I buy and I’ve found that most of the products I receive from my PopSugar box don’t really see much use :( so unfortunately, you won’t see any more PopSugar reviews from me (for now!).

I will, however, be continuing my subscription to FabFitFun! I still find myself using most of my FabFitFun products and love how it seems to predict my needs and interests well! I think a huge part of this is the fact that, as an annual subscriber, I'm able to choose a lot of what I receive in the box. Although this does mean I'm not *as* surprised when I receive the items, it's still a surprise getting to see what items I can choose from! I love being able to choose what I receive because oftentimes, I'll go for an item that I really need or one that I don't already have!

What did you think of your subscription boxes this month? Do you prefer PopSugar or FabFitFun? I’d love to hear your thoughts!