Customized Shampoo Review w/Formulate

Disclaimer: This blog post is in partnership with Formulate. Formulate kindly sent me a free set of customized shampoo and conditioner for review. Opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for your support!


Happy May, friends! I’m so excited to be sharing a little hair focused post in partnership with Formulate! I am a huge beauty junkie but frankly, I don’t give enough love to my hair! Only within the past year have I begun to appreciate what a good hair regimen can do for my hair but I’m still in the learning process so I enjoyed trying Formulate’s shampoo and conditioner and seeing what it might be able to do for my hair. Read on for my review and a chance to win your own customized shampoo & conditioner

Customization Process

My favorite part of the whole process by far was the customization survey. I love beauty products that are customized to your individual needs because everyone is so different that it’s hard to find products that really suit your needs. Especially as a minority in a predominantly white area, it’s hard to find beauty and hair products that work well with my hair and skin. Through Formulate’s customization survey, I indicated that I have straight, black, shoulder-length, oily-dry hair and had the following hair goals: lengthen, strengthen, anti-frizz, oil control. I was also able to pick the scent of the products (I picked freshly squeezed - citrus and floral - amazing) which was by far my favorite part since I tend to be picky about the way products smell!


Products & Packaging

The Formulate products came in minimalist bottles with screw tops on (great for if you need to bring them along for travel) and pumps for each. They also included a little card that reviewed my customizations as well as some detailed about the ingredients in my products. A shampoo and conditioner set will set you back $49 for both and $29 for just one or the other. Through the Formulate app you can schedule your next

I’ve been testing out the Formulate products for about 6 weeks and have overall enjoyed the experience. At first, I experienced a lot of extra heaviness/oily-ness at the roots which was the opposite of what I listed as my hair goals! I decided to ease into the new shampoo by combining it with my current shampoo for a week or so before only using the Formulate shampoo and it worked like a charm. After a couple of weeks of using only the Formulate shampoo, I noticed that my second day hair didn’t feel as oily as it usually does with my normal shampoo :)


Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of trying customized hair products! Although it’s definitely a fun experience, the $49 price point is pretty high so while I likely won’t be ordering it on a regular basis, I think it’s something I’m definitely going to experiment more with to try to achieve the best formulate for my hair.

I’d highly recommend this if you’re someone who struggles with finding a good formula for your hair. My hair tends to be pretty resilient so I’m not too picky, but if you’re someone who has very specific hair needs, then Formulate is worth a try! If you’re someone who is interested in trying cleaner, gentler formulas, Formulate is also a great option because you can review and select many of the ingredients that go into your hair products!



If you’re interested in trying out your own set of customized shampoo and conditioner, I’ve partnered with Formulate to giveaway a set ($49 value) to one lucky winner! All you have to do is enter at the link below - good luck!