FabFitFun: Spring Box Review

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FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends full-size versions of the seasons top fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness products. Each box is about $50 if you subscribe month-to-month and slightly less if you select an annual subscription. While the FabFitFun box is not tailored specifically to each subscriber based on their preferences, I've found that subscription boxes that send the same products to all subscribers tend to select better products that they know everyone will enjoy.


S'ip By S'well - Retail $19.99


Deux Lux: Demi Backpack - Retail $75.

As an annual subscriber, FabFitFun allows you to choose most of the products you'll receive rather than it being at random. For this box, they asked me to choose between the robe and this backpack and I just couldn’t decide! So, I caved and got both for an additional $10. Worth it :)


Products Mentioned:

Box Faves:

  • Deux Lu Backpack: As I mentioned before, I just couldn't pick between the backpack and the robe and I'm so glad I didn't. I have another small backpack that I've used to pieces so this one is going straight into my regular rotation!

  •  Show Me Your Mumu Robe: I have a fluffy, super warm bathrobe that has served me well for many years (think showering in a shared bathroom in my college dorm days - definitely don't miss that!), however, I've been on the lookout for a lighter robe that I can wear around the house. This robe is beautiful yet also super functional. My only gripe is that I wish it was a silkier material!

Box Flops: 

  • S'well Water Bottle: I hate to say this because I'm obsessed with water bottles (weird, I know) but the S'well water bottle was just middle of the line for me. I think I was swayed to choose the bottle because of all the hype surrounding the S'well brand but I have a lot of water bottles that are comparable quality that are probably sold at a lower price point. I was also a bit disappointed in the design I received since S'well has some really unique patterns that I would definitely have preferred over a solid purple one!


I am always impressed by my FabFitFun boxes but this spring box was probably an all time fave. I loved nearly everything I received and all of the add-ons, too. They know how to get you!

How did you all feel about these products? Any other boxes you think I should try or you’d like to see me review? I’d love to hear from you!