December Wish List!

Winter is not my forte. I pretty much shrivel at the sight of any form of ice, rain, or snow. Even though there might only be a couple of inches of snow on the ground, I'll bust out of my apartment looking like I'm ready to wrestle a polar bear in Antarctica (I can't take credit for this one - this is a real life comment someone has actually said to me during a winter in Chicago). You'd think that after 20 plus years living in Wisconsin, I'd be used to the cold by now… but nope.

On the flip side, however, I love all of the decorations, the glitter, and the sparkles that pop up during the winter months! I love how festive everything is and how it puts everyone in such a good mood! For me, all of the glittery decorations and fun songs around Christmastime are enough to outweigh the cold weather. My wish list for December reflects my mood during the winter months because it combines the need to stay warm with the love of all things glittery! Enjoy!