IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review: Worth the Hype?

The IT Cosmetics CC Cream has been a part of my make-up routine for almost a year now so I thought I’d finally take the time to share my experience (although you can probably tell by the fact that I’ve been using this product for almost a year where this review might be headed)!


Product & Packaging: 

The packaging of this product is very practical. It’s a pump/squeeze tube combination so although it’s not anything glorious and fancy, it’s a great fit for the product itself! The pump is great for pumping out just the right amount of product and the squeeze tube gets all of the product out efficiently. With a lot of other foundations I always end up dumping or squeezing out too much when the packaging isn’t in pump format, so klutzy me appreciates this packaging a lot.

The only minor complaint I could even think of is that this product doesn’t come in a very wide range of shades. At the time that I’m writing this there are 7 shades - but when I originally purchased the product, there were even less! It's good to see that they’re working to increase the number of shades they offer! 

The product itself is amazing. In my experience, I’ve found that a lot of great coverage foundations don’t include any sun protection, and products that are great for sun protection are really crap when it comes to coverage. Not the case with this CC Cream! It has fantastic coverage and has SPF 50 - the best of both worlds! 


Application & Experience: 

Because this product has such great coverage, you really don’t need much of it to cover most of your face! On average, I only use about a pea-sized amount and it’s enough to even out any discoloration or spots on my face. Due to the high coverage of this product, it’s become my favorite product to travel with! Instead of bringing a foundation and a concealer, I only need one tube of CC cream and I’m good to go! 

For application, I always use a sponge and find that it blends out very nicely with a damp beauty blender. The product doesn’t feel too heavy on the face because you’re really not using much of it, it’s so effective!



Here’s the kicker - This CC Cream is going to set you back $38. Normally, I’d have a pretty adverse reaction to a price tag this high, but with how incredible this product is and how long it’ll last you? It’s totally worth it. Nowadays, even some drugstore foundations are around $10-$15 so this product’s really only 2 to 3 times the price of a drugstore foundation and trust me - it’ll last you a lot longer because you only need a little bit for each use! 


Final Verdict:   

So, is it worth the hype? YES! This CC Cream from IT Cosmetics has not disappointed! In my opinion, it’s completely worth the hype and is a product I see myself using for many years to come! What do you think of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream? Are there any other hyped products you think I should try? I’d love to hear your thoughts!