January Wish List

Apparently, the start to a new year means "yaaaaas home décor!" in my shopping brain. Also pineapples. Sometimes, I don't understand my own brain. A couple of months ago, a friend of mine mentioned how she didn't understand why so many people were obsessed with pineapples - to which I responded that I loved pineapples and getting things that had pineapples on them! I hadn't consciously realized that I was actually actively buying items with pineapples on them until that exact moment. Ironically? I don't actually like eating pineapples. What is wrong with me?!

In creating this little wish list, I've also stumbled upon a home décor box sign with a pineapple on it. If I disappear from the blog for a couple of months - you'll know where to find me - tracking that thing down ASAP!! :P What's on your wish list for January? Are you as obsessed with pineapples as I am?!