New York City in Pictures

When you think you're taking the perfect picture, but no. -_-

When you think you're taking the perfect picture, but no. -_-


This was my first time in New York City and while I was excited to be seeing friends and family, I knew that city life was not going to be for me! Crowds of people, traffic noise, dirty streets etc are pretty much the definition of where I don't want to be - so instead of seeing it as a relaxing vacation, I tried to think of it as an adventure where I got to try as much good food as possible! And oh boy did I get to try some absolutely amazing food. While food in New York can be a little on the expensive side, I always think it's worth it to try every food at least once :) 

I'm not the best when it comes to taking pretty, good quality pictures. Most of the time, my iPhone camera roll is littered with rando blurry pictures that I've somehow taken of my feet (I took a riveting 10 second slo-mo video of the pavement during this New York trip) and the rest of the photos are of my sleeping cat. Even though I'm pretty crap at taking good photos, all of the photos that I do end up taking make me happy :) I didn't take the best pictures of every landmark we visited but I made sure to take pictures of all the food I ate aka the part about traveling that makes me the happiest!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my New York trip. I'll be starting a new job soon at a company that has an office in NYC so I hope to have many more NYC based food pictures to come :) 


Thanks for reading!