Travel: Carry-On Essentials


I am in the midst of switching between jobs and took the opportunity to do a couple of short trips in between! I am the worst when it comes to traveling so I always come way way way way way over-prepared. I thought I’d share a list of my carry-on essentials in case any of you are in need of ideas for what to bring with you while you travel this time of year! 

  1. iPhone - I think this one's probably a given 
  2. iPad (+ keyboard!) - I like to bring my tablet on flights with me because I can always work on blogging while flying! It's also nice to bring my tablet instead of a laptop because I can be just as productive without having to deal with all the hassel of bringing a clunky laptop. 
  3. Podcasts - Okay, you don’t really need to bring these but having these downloaded ahead of time is a lifesaver on boring flights! My current favorites: Psychobabble and Here To Make Friends.
  4. Kindle - I'm a major kindle book hoarder and have downloaded 200 pages worth of books. At least I'll never get bored, right? Currently reading: Gone Girl
  5. Magazines - Admittedly, I do love my share of trashy gossip magazines. The great thing about magazines on a plane, though, is that once you are finished, you can recycle them and make your load lighter! 
  6. Snacks - so you don't get hangry :) 
  7. Water Bottle - It's even more important to stay hydrated on a plane than normal so I typically will bring one of my Camelbak bottles to encourage myself to drink more water!
  8. Pill Stash - My body doesn’t exactly take to traveling well so I like to bring a whole stash of medications (i.e. Advil, Tylenol, Excedrine, Pepto Bismol) just in case I’m not feeling well. 
  9. Sleeping Essentials: a neck pillow, sleep mask, and earplugs are all necessary! 
  10. Sunglasses - I find mirrored sunglasses to be the best for planes because they give you a little bit of privacy in a situation where you’re trapped in close quarters! Plus, if you’re not the one in the window seat, it’s likely that you won’t have any control over whether the window is open or closed and if you want to sleep but the window is open, sunglasses are a must.
  11. Hat - I like to bring a beanie with me on the plane (yes, no matter what season it is!) because planes can get chilly and it’s nice to be able to pull a hat on over my face if I’m not in the mood to chat with my fellow plane go-ers! Beanies with poms on the end (like this one) are perfect because they are both cute and functional!
  12. Headphones - both on ear and in ear headphones are nice to have on a plane. I own a pair of Beats that are fantastic for blocking out sound but can hurt my ears if I wear them too long so I always bring a pair of standard earbuds along as well. 
  13. Phone Charging Cords - I usually bring at least 2-3 charging cords with me, just in case! My phone is my lifeline when it comes to planes!
  14. External Battery - Along the same lines, phone = lifeline on a plane, so I always make sure to bring a fully charged external battery.
  15. Gum! - Ears popping? Chewing gum really helps lessen the irritation that ear popping can cause. 
  16. Light Jacket - Planes can get very chilly so I always bring along one of my North Face jackets because they are light and easy to carry, but actually provide a decent amount of warmth! 
  17. Slip-on Shoes - I always take my shoes off on planes (sorry to the people sitting next to me!) so slip-on shoes are essential. My favorites to bring: Sperry Topsider boat shoes or Old Navy Flip Flops!
  18. Tissues - You never know when you're going to need a tissue. 
  19. Hand Sanitizer - Ditto for hand sanitizer. 
  20. Notebook & Pen - Sometimes, being connected to my electronics all the time gets exhausting! If this happens, I like to pull out a notebook just to jot down my thoughts or write out blog posts longhand!
  21. Just in Case Make-up - I always bring along my favorite pressed powder, chapstick, liquid eyeliner and lipliner! 
  22. Wallet/Wristlet - When I travel, I'll usually transfer my wallet to a wristlet so that it is easy to carry hands-free. I love using this little wristlet because it's just the right size!
  23. Passport - I like to bring my passport even when I’m traveling within the country! I like to be over-prepared - oops! 
  24. Backpack - Last, but not least, I find backpacks so much more convenient when traveling on a plane. I've used tote bags in the past and they always end up being much too heavy to keep on one shoulder and oftentimes, they do not close properly and my things end up spilling out during the flight. Backpacks are awesome (I like to use this one) because they distribute all of the weight evenly and zipper up completely to keep all of my belongings in their place!

I hope this post has helped some of you pack better for your upcoming summer flights! If you have any suggestions for other carry-on essentials, leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!