Travel Beauty Essentials!

This is my first year out of school and the first year I'm missing out on Spring Break! It's kind of bittersweet - I miss looking forward to breaks and having an entire week where I didn't have to worry about anything! In reality, though, I'm not a huge fan of crowds so I never traveled to the beach locations that are popular with college students nowadays, but I still love the idea of hopping on a plane and spending just a short couple of days in a new place!

I recently traveled to San Francisco for work and got to thinking about some of my favorite travel beauty products. One of my biggest pet peeves about traveling is packing too heavily. I don't like having to check bags (too many lost luggage stories to count!) so I do my best to limit myself to a carry-on. Since there are liquid limits for carry-on bags, I have to get creative when it comes to packing my beauty products - which are mostly liquid based! In the spirit of Spring Break, I thought I'd share some of my favorite travel beauty essentials with you today :)


Up & Up:  Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Towelettes

I use these Up & Up towelettes for removing my make-up every night and I love that I can easily grab a pack on the go for when I'm traveling! They do such a great job of getting all of the make-up off of my face, I typically don't even need to wash my face a second time (particularly useful for busy travel days!). Personal experience tip: Target sells two types of these towelettes, one named "exfoliating" and one "refreshing". I've enjoyed the exfoliating ones because they haven't been too rough on my skin, but for some reason the refreshing ones make the delicate area around my eyes sting!

Moroccan Surf Paste by Ogx

I have slightly curly hair that needs a little bit of a pick me up in order for it to stay curly. At home, I have about a million products that I use interchangeably but my favorite product to bring on the go is Ogx's Moroccan Surf Paste. It holds curls exceptionally well and my favorite part - since it's a paste, it doesn't need to go in my liquids bag!

Daisy by Marc Jacobs (Eau So Fresh)

This is my favorite perfume because it's super light and is the best blend of fruity and floral!). It also conveniently comes in a little rollerball or spray pen that I can take with me on trips. This is a must-have for me because I always feel a little blah after spending hours on a plane.  A little whiff of this pretty smell is all it takes to bring my energy levels back up.


Power of Love Natural Lipstick by Pacifica in Tender Heart

This lipstick is one of the best (full-size!) samples I've received from ipsy. The shade of this lipstick is a slight nudey brown which makes it very easy to swipe on without having to watch too carefully for color bleeding out of place. When I'm traveling, just a touch of nude lipstick can keep my face looking alive without requiring any extra care or time!

Elf Cosmetics Palette

This is a relatively new addition to my collection but I already love its versatility! I have 4 elf face palettes (contour, cream contour, blush, and bronzer) and when it comes to traveling, there's nothing that beats these palettes. All of the individual pans in these palettes easily pop out and can be mixed and matched with other palettes. This is awesome for travel because I can put my concealer, bronzer, and blush all in the same palette and just bring a single palette that covers almost all of the face products I need!

NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk

I'm not the greatest traveler in the world because I tend to get cranky when I don't get enough sleep - and this lack of sleep definitely shows on my face! A little bit of white eyeliner does a ton for brightening up the eye area so I make sure to carry this jumbo eyeliner with me :)

Elf Powder Brush

Last but definitely not least, I've loved this elf powder brush so much that I actually bought a second one specifically for traveling! I think it's originally intended for applying powder to the face, but I've found that it can actually do much more than that. It's also fantastic for blending both cream and powder blushes or bronzers on the cheeks thanks to the flat top design of the brush. I love bringing this brush with me on trips because it does the double duty job of both applying and blending make-up products!

Featured Travel Beauty Essentials: 

Final Tip: Don't forget your toothbrush! Like I did. Last time I traveled. Gah! I don't travel too much now because I'm such a homebody, but it's one of my goals to take more short trips so that I can visit new places without stressing out about leaving my cat alone at home! Got any short trip travel ideas for me? I'm always looking for more must-see locations to add to my list!

Thanks for reading ♥