Butterfly Wings


I’ve had this shirt for over 5 years now and it is still one of my greatest loves when it comes to tops. I've been told it looks like I have butterfly wings when I wear it so I affectionately call it my butterfly top! There are some pieces where all you really need is that one piece and nothing else you wear with it matters. This is one of those pieces! This top is so elegant and has such a beautiful shape that I try to keep everything else around it muted to really let it shine. Plus, I can twirl in it and it makes me feel just a tad fancier without even trying -  and who doesn’t want that? :) 

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FabFitFun: Spring 2016


FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends full-size versions of the seasons top fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness products. Each box is about $50 if you subscribe month-to-month and slightly less if you select an annual subscription. While the FabFitFun box is not tailored specifically to each subscriber based on their preferences, I've found that subscription boxes that send the same products to all subscribers tend to select better products that they know everyone will enjoy. I've definitely enjoyed this quarter's spring box and thought I'd share the goodies I received today! 


Bath Bomb Trinity by Jus D'Amour - $28

I was pretty much the only girl in the entire world who had yet to try a bath bomb (can someone please explain to me why they usually cost $4-$10 each? Sorry, but my baths aren't worth that much to me yet!) so I was pretty excited to try these out. The smell of these were nice and light but there were some points where I couldn’t even tell whether or not these bath bombs were doing anything because the smell was so light. While these are a little out of the price range I would normally pay for bath products, I love that subscribing to subscription boxes like FabFitFun allows me to try pricier products that I wouldn't normally go for!

Keratin Gloves & Socks by Bodipure Inc. - $9.98

I recently had an at-home spa day for myself and used these keratin products as part of that day! This keratin treatment came in nice little plastic socks and gloves which allowed me to be able to do other things while the keratin worked its magic! I definitely wouldn't purchase this on my own (it's essentially a $10 price tag for a one time use product) but it was fun to try it as a part of my FabFitFun box. 

Shaving Emulating Lotion by Hello Legs - $19.95

Is it weird that I don't usually use shaving cream for my legs? This is a nice-to-have for sure but definitely not something I'll be purchasing for myself. Also, is there a difference between shaving cream and "shaving emulation lotion"? Maybe I'm not as beauty-educated as I think I am...


Herb Garden by MakersKit - $35

I have recently become obsessed with plants and was so looking forward to this Herb garden! Historically, I do not have the best track record with plants (and fish actually) but my two most recent green friends have survived for quite a while so I want to give a couple of other plants a go! I love that everything in this kit is ready-to-use because I have almost zero gardening knowledge whatsoever. Plus, the kit comes with a cute little wooden box labeled "Herbs" which I'm excited to be able to display on a window in my kitchen!


Contour Kit by ISH - $32

I may be subscribed to too many boxes at this point but this is probably the 3rd contour-esque kit I've received from subscriptions this season! I love contouring and find this simple kit to be perfect for on-the-go. It's both small and flat and has all your essentials - a cool-toned bronzer, a highlight, a blush - and even has a sparkly bronzer that could be great if you like a little more sparkle on the cheeks. 


Argan & Hep Oil Therapy by Marrakesh - $22.99

I've really been enjoying this product so far. It has a very sweet smell and definitely has reduced a lot of frizz and poofiness that happens when I use a hairdryer in the mornings! Plus, it comes in a glass bottle which definitely makes me feel fancier when I use it :P

Tag Necklace by Jook & Noona - $65

This necklace is beautiful in its simplicity and I love that it essentially can go with anything due to that simplicity. There were 4 different options for necklaces (the tag either says "Happy", "Love", "Inspire", or "Dream") and I wish subscribers could have picked the necklace we wanted most! I received the "Dream" necklace and would've really loved the "Happy" one instead! Ultimately, it doesn't make a huge difference since the writing on the tag is relatively small, but it would've been a nice way to personalize the box a little bit. 

Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew - $14.99

I'm still a newbie when it comes to fitness products so I'm not sure how much I'll use this but I love that it's multifunctional. It functions as both a cute yoga mat strap as well as a resistance band! Since I don't have any weights at home , I've been testing this out with some resistance band based workouts!

Sterling Forever: $30 Gift Card + Free Shipping.

I always appreciate getting gift cards in my subscription boxes because then I can choose a product that I like! This one even came with free shipping which is a huge plus given that most of these do not so you still have to spend some money to at least pay for shipping. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything I liked that wasn't already sold out. Since the card lasts for another year, I'll hang onto it hoping things get stocked again.

31 Bits: $25 Gift Card

I ended up using the 31 Bits $20 gift card on this pretty yellow necklace. It was originally $29.80 but with the gift card and plus shipping, this necklace turned out to be about $10.  Definitely a better deal, although it sucked that I still had to pay for shipping!


This is only my second FabFitFun box but I definitely think it's been worth the $50 price tag so far. The value in each box is much more than $50! While it can seem like a lot to spend $40-$50 on a subscription box, I really feel that the more expensive the box is, the greater the value it provides proportionate to the price you pay. Plus, there were a ton of products in there that I wouldn't normally have purchased or tried but because they were in this box, I got to test them out! What'd you think of your FabFitFun box? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Belted Tunic

Top: Forever 21 / Necklace: Forever 21 / Belt: H&M / Pants: Target / Shoes: Sperry

Top: Forever 21 / Necklace: Forever 21 / Belt: H&M / Pants: Target / Shoes: Sperry

This month, I've been trying my best to wear pieces in my closet that are not things I would naturally grab. Since I have my closet organized in boxes & shelves - I'm forcing myself to wear everything in a shelf before I'm allowed to move onto the next shelf! I found this tunic at the back of a shelf and paired it with some brightly colored accessories to make it a little more exciting!

Real life though: I'm pretty sure this tunic used to go down to my knees. Either it shrunk in the wash or I grew 5 inches. Since I've been 5'6" for the last 10 years of my life, I'm going to go with the more likely culprit. The more I look at this tunic - the more I realize it's basically become the size of your average t-shirt….sigh. Maybe I should have changed the name of this post to belted tee instead of belted tunic :)

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