May Favorites | 2019


Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be starting my favorites series back up this summer (hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up!) because I've really missed sharing my favorite products with all of you! This past year has been a huge change for me since I started my PhD program and some of the favorites I'm including this month are really favorites that have helped me survive my first year as a grad student - I hope you enjoy it! :)


Bose Headphones: My number one favorite of the month (and really of the year) are my over the ear BOSE QC35 headphones! These noise-cancelling headphones are amazing. I work out of a shared office on campus and when most of the stuff I'm doing requires a lot of concentration, any level of noise can be distracting. Although these headphones don't cancel out everything, they do a pretty darn good job of making all that background noise fade away enough that it no longer distracts me. If you're a student working in busy campus areas or someone who works in an open office, I'd highly recommend a pair of these noise-cancelling headphones to help you focus!


Essential Oil Roller Balls: Since I started my PhD, my anxiety has been a bit of an up and down roller coaster. For the most part, my anxiety is extremely mild (what many therapists have called "high functioning) and really tend to surround social and work situations. I mention this because there are many people who have much more severe anxiety and the methods in which I try to combat anxiety likely won't work for everyone since my anxiety is on the milder side. I've always really enjoyed essential oils but recently started using them to combat anxiety in social situations which is where roller balls come into play! I now carry them around with me everywhere and use them before presentations or discussion heavy classes where I know my anxiousness is usually pretty high. I can't say that these roller balls have cured everything but they definitely help in providing a comforting scent and calming nerves.


Clue App: Clue is an app that allows you to track your period along with a whole host of other symptoms surrounding your health. I've been using clue for almost a year now and I've found it so, so helpful for better understanding my own body and emotional patterns. Clue has a lot of different options for what you can track and the ones I've found most helpful are motivation levels, emotions, and social interactions. Since I started tracking everything using Clue, I've noticed that I nearly always have some kind of conflict with my partner a couple days before the start of my period so now I try to be extra aware of my emotions on those days!  


Tarteist Pro To Go Palette: I don't have too much to say about this palette other than it's been the perfect fit for me this past semester. Sometimes running around campus for up to 10 hours a day leaves me looking real haggard and tired so I've carried around this little tarteist palette for midday touch-ups and it's been so handy since it has all the right colors for a neutral, basic eye look. Plus, since it smells like chocolate, I always take a big whiff to wake myself up, too :)


 JOAH Beauty Gel Lipstick in Sweet Cheeks: For me, this lipstick shade is the perfect "my lips but better" color. I first received it in an influenster box and have been using it nearly every day since then! If I'm having one of those days where I just don't want to worry about my lipstick fading weirdly or drying out my lips, this has become my go-to. The gel formula is nice and comfortable and since this shade is so close to my natural lips, if it fades, I don't have to worry about it looking strange or patchy.

I hope you enjoyed this month's favorites! Let me know what your favorites have been this month! I'd love to try out some of your favorite products! ♥