BIrchbox: May 2017


Second month back on with Birchbox and I’m starting to remember why I cancelled my subscription in the first place! Although I love them to pieces, My relationship with subscription boxes is kind of an up and down roller coaster! Anyhoo - here’s what I received in my May Birchbox!


Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription ($10/month) that sends full-size and sample-size beauty, hair, make-up and skincare products. 

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Coola: SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray | Full-Size $36

Makeup setting spray is not a type of product I use regularly but something I’d like to try out so I loved receiving it in this month’s Birchbox! So far, I can’t tell how much of a difference this spray is making, but I love that has hyaluronic acid and SPF in it - you can never have enough hydration or sun protection in a product!

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MAC Cosmetics: Strobe Cream | Full-Size $33

One thing I do enjoy about Birchbox is that you have the opportunity to select one of the product you receive. I chose to receive this strobe cream from MAC and while it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for (it was a little more subtle than I thought it would be) I enjoyed the experience of being able to choose one of the products I wanted to test out. 

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Ouai: Wave Spray | Full-Size $26

I don’t use hair products nearly as often as I’d like to so I’m trying my best to work all of the hair samples I receive into my routine! Although I don’t love the texture of this spray (too sticky for my taste) it did create a nice beach wave effect in my hair. 

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The Beauty Crop: Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara | Full-Size $22

Ahhh now I remember why I decided to drop my subscription boxes….mascara! I always set upmy profiles to state that I don’t want to receive and don’t really use mascara, yet I am always receiving mascara samples. Gah! This might be a nice mascara sample but since it’s a type of product I don’t use frequently, it’s going in the re-gifting pile. 

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Vita Liberta: Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion | Full-Size $30

This is another product that I wish I could opt out of in my subscription boxes! I have medium-toned skin so I tan very easily despite using mounds of sunscreen. With this skin type, I haven’t really found a use for self-tanning lotion! Are there any other medium skin toned girls out there who utilize self tanning lotion that can help me out? Do you use it even out your skin? I don’t know!


Final Verdict: Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with this month’s box. The only product I could truly see myself using on a daily basis is the makeup setting spray. I’ll still try to get as much use as possible out of the rest of the products but I’m not particularly excited about anything. Better luck next month? What did you receive in your May Birchbox? Let me know in the comments!