How I'm Using Multiple Planners for 2017


Hello everyone! It's a new year which means a fresh start with more goals and more planners - to make sure I achieve those goals! While I typically stick to one, comprehensive planner, this year, I've decided to give multiple planners a shot. It definitely takes up a lot more desk space, but I'm hoping it will also help to clarify and organize my goals for the year.

I'm one of those crazy people that has to write everything down. Whether that's by jotting it down on a post-it note, telling Siri (my bff) to create a reminder, or filling up every nook and cranny on my planner. Last year, I used the Day Designer as my planner for everything - home, blog, work, etc. As organized and beautiful as the Day Designer is, with all that was going on in my life, I found that I was getting a little bit lost with all of my to-dos in the same place. If I thought of a new blog idea, I jotted it down. If I remembered I needed to call my dentist, I jotted it down. If I wanted to do a new DIY project, I jotted it down. In the end, the pages were flooded with thoughts and ideas that weren't necessarily achievable to-do's but more so anything and everything I wanted to do in my lifetime! 

So, for the upcoming year (in an attempt to organize the chaos that happened last year!) this is how I plan to utilize my planners and why I think these specific planners will work best! 


Day Designer: I love the set-up of the Day Designer and always planned on getting one for the 2017 year because I still find it to be the best system for organizing the majority of my life. This year, I'll be using it for all the to-do's around the house, at work, and for fun! The Day Designer will serve as my control center for day-to-day plans because it provides the best set-up for each day. I like that I will be able to schedule my time on the daily schedule as well as list all of my small task to-do's for the day. 


Moleskin: The things that really overcrowded my Day Designer last year, were all of my blog plans and blog to-do's! This year, I've separated all things related to my blog into a smaller moleskin weekly planner. This planner's set up is perfect for blogging. It has a weekly view on one side where I can see upcoming blog posts I have planned and plain lined paper on the other side where I can list/jot down blog ideas. I'm really excited about this one because it seems like such a perfect fit! I won't have as many to-do's associated with my blog, so a smaller planner is the perfect size, and the plain lined paper gives me so much more flexibility to use it as I see fit! 


Cultivate What Matters: PowerSheets - In 2016, and for most of my life, I struggled with setting realistic, attainable goals. I'm a dreamer. There are so many things I want to do someday, somehow, some way - but I'm never going to achieve all of those things if I can't set up a realistic plan! The PowerSheets are great for people like me because they help you jot down all of your wandering thoughts and guide you towards honing in on specific goals. I plan on using it this year to track daily, weekly, and monthly goals more thoroughly. So far, it has been a great place for me to check back in with my goals every couple of days. My favorite part of these sheets has been the continuous reminders that it's okay to be messy and change your mind about your goals! I tend to get a little bummed out when I feel like I haven't achieved what I wanted to, but these constant reminders and refresh worksheets give me a chance to re-do my goals every couple of months which is great for an indecisive person like me! After a couple months of using the PowerSheets, I plan on doing a full review so stay tuned for that! 


Bonus: Trello - I've blogged about Trello in the past in a post on my favorite organizing apps - and it truly is! On top of all of my planners, I use Trello for more broad, far-in-the-distance type projects and random things I want to do that aren't relevant to my day-to-day goals (i.e. someday, I want to try eyelash extensions, but does that need to go on my Day Designer? Probably not!). 


Whew! That was a lot! What can I say? I'm a little crazy about planners and organizing - it's so fun! This is the first time, I've tried using multiple planners so it'll be a new experience for me. Hopefully, for the better! What planners are you using for the upcoming year? Have you tried using multiple planners before? Leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts!