PopSugar Must Have vs. FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box!


Happy Saturday, everyone! Today, I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts on the summer PopSugar Must Have and FabFitFun boxes :) I know I’m a little late to the party on this one (especially since the fall boxes for these two subscriptions are already out!) but since PopSugar has changed its format to a quarterly box instead of a monthly box, I thought it was still worth sharing my comparison of the two. If you’re curious about how these two quarterly boxes compare to one another, stay tuned! 


PopSugar Must Have Box: 

This summer box is the first quarterly PopSugar Must Have box. Each PopSugar Must Have box is a $75/box quarterly subscription that includes full-size fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle items. This summer’s box focused on products that will help you unwind and relax! 


Eberjey: Wrap Robe - Retail $88


Mela Artisans: Concha Round Box - Retail $60


Ahmad Tea of London: Fruit & Herb Teas - Retail $4.50


Mrs. Meyer’s: Bar Soap & Hand Sanitizer - Special Extra


Box Faves: 

  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum - You know me, I’m a huge skincare junkie so this product was by far my favorite of the box! My skin is pretty amenable to new products so I love getting to try out new skincare. I’ve heard tons of good things about Sunday Riley and I was really happy to see such an expensive product in the box because it always makes me feel like I’m getting more value than what I paid for it!.
  • Lele Sadoughi Circle Garland Earrings - I didn’t expect to love these earrings, however, as I’ve been trying them out, I’ve found that they literally go with any outfit so I have to put them in my faves! 

Box Flops: 

  • Beauty by PopSugar Lip Gloss - This one’s just a personal preference, but I’m not one for glosses (I love a good matte lip!) so this one went straight to my mom - who I’m sure appreciates having another gloss in her collection!  
  • Sphynx 3-in-1 Portable Razor - This product might be useful to someone else but it really missed the mark for me. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with shaving products because honestly, I don’t really feel the need to buy shaving cream when I can use things like soap or conditioner and get the same effect. Since I usually only bring a simple disposable razor with me when I travel, this portable 3-in-1 razor would actually be heavier than what I currently pack with me, so I don’t think it’ll see much use.

Overall, this PopSugar Must Have box was a bit of a flop for me. Even my favorites of the box were items that I love, but weren’t things I necessarily felt like I needed (although they were nice to have!). Nothing in particular excited me about the box and while the retail value of the box is quite high, I’m a girl on a budget and would likely never spend $80-$100 on a pair of earrings or a robe! Most of the items in this box were in the “just okay” pile and didn’t make it into my flops or my faves!  


FabFitFun Box

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends full-size versions of the seasons top fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness products. Each box is about $50 if you subscribe month-to-month and slightly less if you select an annual subscription.


Erth: Tu Y Yo Ring - Retail $55


Pier 1 Imports: Marble Ring Dish - Retail $14.99


Foreo Luna: FoFo - Retail $89


Box Faves: 

  • Foreo Luna FoFo - I already love my travel size foreo face brush but my biggest gripe about it is that it doesn’t have a replaceable battery so once it dies, I won’t be able to use it! This foo does have a replaceable battery and is an even bigger size so I’m super happy about receiving something I already love from a brand I already love! :) 
  • Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette & Liner - I chose to receive the liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow palette (instead of the pro glow palette, which I already own) and I am so happy I did! This eyeshadow palette is creamy, has the perfect muted shades, and smells like chocolate - AMAZING.
  • Orlando Pita Play Hair Protectant Spray - I did not expect to love this spray as much as I did because, in my experience, a lot of hair products don’t make a noticeable different. This protectant spray? Game changer. It leaves my hair feeling so smooth and all the tangles in my hair are completely gone after I use it. I’ve already used half the bottle and might have to re-purchase soon! 🙈
  • Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case - You can never have too many make-up bags so I chose to receive this train case and it has been so handy for traveling this past summer! It has a little top compartment perfect for all of my brushes and the main compartment is big enough to fit all of my make-up -even blush palettes and giant face powders!

Box Flops: 

  • Minor History: Post Script Wallet - This wallet is waaaay to small to big functional. It’s partially my fault since I didn’t read its specs more closely, but I expected it to be a normal wallet size when in reality it’s smaller than my palm. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I’ll have much use for it! 

Verdict: This summer, the box win goes 100% to FabFitFun. I was so much happier with the products I received from the FabFitFun box and actually felt excited about most of the things I received. Usually I’m a bit more torn when comparing boxes but I am pleasantly surprised by how happy I am with the products and the value of the FabFitFun box. 

Before the switch to their quarterly box, I was a huge supporter of the PopSugar Must Have box. Their original box was a monthly subscription for $40 per box (or less if you bought a 3, 6 or 12 month bundle) and since I always looked for deals or bought bundles of boxes, I always ended up paying less than $40 a box for what I felt was a really good collection of lifestyle, beauty, and fashion items that appealed to a lot of different people. PopSugar’s decision to switch to a quarterly box was partially motivated by the fact that they also offered more expensive but also popular limited edition boxes that offered high-end products. In essence, they’ve combined their monthly subscription box and their limited edition box into this quarterly $75/box system. 

Unfortunately, I’m really torn about this new PopSugar switch! I’ve never felt the need to purchase a limited edition box and honestly think that the $75/box price point is a little too high. I still plan to receive the next PopSugar box, but frankly, if the next box shows the same pattern, I think I’ll be giving my PopSugar Must Have subscription the boot! 

What are your thoughts on these two subscription boxes? Do you like PopSugar’s new quarterly box? I’d love to hear your thoughts!