Shop Miss A Haul - Part 2!

Shop Miss A is a fashion, beauty, accessories, and stationary website where everything on the site is $1. I love a good bargain so testing out Shop Miss A's products is a lot of fun for me! It's been a little while since my last Shop Miss A Haul so I thought I'd check out some of their new products and see if their might be any good stocking stuffer ideas there!

With bargain websites like Shop Miss A, it's really all about knowing what categories to shop in and going into it the purchase knowing that there's a chance the product you're buying will be a dud. While there are some misses on the Shop Miss A website, since every product is only a $1, I think it's a definitely worth a visit if you're looking to buy certain types of products or looking for some small gift ideas! I got a little bit of everything this time around so below are some of the hits and misses of my haul! 



Lip Liners: I bought two lip liners in the brown color family that turned out to be pretty much identical. While I wish they were a little more different on the color spectrum, they are very wearable and a great shade! 

Brush Cleaner: I've been wanting to try a make-up brush cleaning mitt for a while but haven't really made the effort to go buy one because sadly, I don't clean my brushes often enough! This little brush cleaner is just big enough to fit two fingers in and has all the right knobs and lines to help get stubborn make-up out of my brushes! 

Lip Scrub: This actually turned out to be my favorite product of the haul! I love this lip scrub - it's effective, it smells amazing, and the sugar just melts nicely onto the lips after exfoliating. A+ 

Earrings: This is definitely my favorite category to shop in on the Shop Miss A website. If there are any accessory trends you want to try but aren't sure if you want to go all in buying a more expensive product, Shop Miss A has some great options to test out that won't break the bank if it turns out you don't love the trend after all. This time, I took home a handful of back-front earrings and have thoroughly enjoyed them so far! 

Face Masks: I figure you can really never have enough face masks because it's always nice to have different types to try and they make awesome gifts for any beauty lovers out there. So far, I've only tried a couple of these masks but have found them to be similar to any other face masks I might buy. I loved the variety of different masks on Shop Miss A's website and would highly recommend this one as a category to buy from.  

Scarves: I purchased a ton of scarves for this haul to use as Christmas stocking stuffers and was actually quite pleased with the result! I was worried that a $1 scarf might turn out to be too short, too thin or any number of things - but these actually turned out to be very standard, fluffy, colorful scarves that I'm excited about gifting this year! I loved them so much I'm even keeping a couple for my own collection (despite already owning way too many scarves!).



Liquid Lipsticks:  I've been on a huge nude lip kick recently and thought that I'd give some of their nude liquid lipsticks a try! The formulas are great on all of them, however, some of the liquid lipsticks have such a strong artificial smell that I can't stand putting them on my lips. Unfortunately, this makes them almost unbearable to wear so this one's a dud for me. 

Make-up Remover Wipes: These wipes were just a meh product. They were okay at taking off my make-up but took a little bit of extra scrubbing to get everything off. When there are make-up remover wipes out there for comparable prices that don't take all of that extra scrubbing to get things off, this one just becomes kind of useless. 

Washi Tape: I should have learned this from my last Shop Miss A Haul but if you can help it do not buy washi tape from Shop Miss A. Last time I bought a pink polka dotted washi tape that had almost nothing on the roll and this time, I bought two rolls of beautiful tape that ended up being so thin, you can hardly tell it's on the page at all! I haven't tried any of Shop Miss A's other stationary type products, but after my experiences with their washi tape, I think that'll be a category I avoid from here on out. 

iPhone Lighting Cable: I'm always in need of new iPhone charging cables, but this one just flat-out didn't work. It was a little disappointing, but also kind of expected given that a $1 charging cable seemed too good to be true.  


Final Verdict: I'm pretty darn happy with my latest Shop Miss A haul. While there were a couple of duds, if you know which categories to shop in, then you'll get a great batch of small gifts that are perfect for the holidays! Have you tried any Shop Miss A products? What was your experience like? I'd love to hear your thoughts!