The "Painter"

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I have been wearing this combo non-stop since I discovered that these two pieces went so well together. Every time I wear it, David makes fun of me for looking like a painter! Funnily enough, I've actually worn it to two painting events already, so maybe subconsciously I'm gathering inspiration from it? Who knows! During the colder months my go-to leg wear is either yoga pants or fleece lined leggings - both not the best when it comes to being a grown up work-appropriate office-y person, so I like to opt for longer tops to turn my legging addiction into a fashionable but work-appropriate combination!

Oh, and if you're ever looking for super fun, colorful fake flowers (because I somehow manage to kill all real plants) I would highly recommend checking out your local dollar store! Mine has tons of different flowers to choose from and I can get entire bouquets for 1/10th of the price at a craft store. Bright, happy, colorful, and super affordable?! Yes, please!