★ Bargain Christmas Décor Haul ★

Last year, I really slacked on the holiday décor (and apartment decorating in general) because I didn't see the point in decorating my home if I was just going to move in less than a year! At the time, we were subletting a small apartment and planning on moving to a more permanent place in a couple of months. Fast forward another 6 months and we've moved twice! This year? I've decided to just go for it! I've realized how much a personalized home means to me and what a huge impact it has on my mood.

This is the first year that my boyfriend and I will be having our own little Christmas set up and while it's nothing big, I love that it's playful, filled with different colors, and really a mishmash of random little bits and pieces. One of my favorite things about decorating a space is that you can truly infuse your personality into the space. While our little apartment set-up may seem a little messy and all over the place, I think it's a nice reflection of all the random little things that make up our little family.

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Since holiday décor usually only lasts a month or so, I find this to be a great area to save a little money. Although the tree was a gift to us, everything else was found at either Target or the dollar store with a grand total of $26 for all of it. Yep, you read that correctly. I successfully christmasified my house with a little more than twenty bucks. I love a good deal and my first go-to place for all things décor is my local dollar store. It might not be the most glamorous place in the world but you would not believe some of the stuff that I've stumbled upon in there! As long as my holiday decorations are colorful, fun, and festive, I'm happy! :) What are your favorite ways to decorate for the holiday season? I'd love to see your ideas!


Cozy Stripes

                  Sweater: Old Navy / Scarf: Handmade / Shoes:  Sperry  / Earrings: Target / Bag: H&M / Lipstick: Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry

                  Sweater: Old Navy / Scarf: Handmade / Shoes: Sperry / Earrings: Target / Bag: H&M / Lipstick: Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry

The past week has been rough on me. After the holiday weekend, I had absolutely no motivation to do anything. I felt like a zombie most days - going to work and coming back without truly feeling awake or energized by my everyday routine. All I've wanted to do all week is snuggle under the covers at home while admiring my Christmas decorations! (And honestly, who can blame me for that?)

On weeks like this, I used to beat myself up about it - frustrated that I wasn't getting anything done and constantly wondering what was wrong with me. Nowadays, I'm a little kinder to myself. I know that phases like this typically don't last forever and instead, I let myself have those unproductive days. Whether that means cozying up in a favorite stripey sweater or binge watching four hours of TV in one night - I find that if I let myself just be where I need to be that day, the phase usually passes. No one is perfect and we can't possibly be at 100% every day, so be kind to yourself today ♥


November in Photos

IMG_0376 2.JPG

Photos are everything to me. I love how they can capture a moment, trigger a memory, and lift my spirits. Granted, most of the photos on my phone are of my cat (oops!) - but when I do decide to take photos of things other than my cat, I end up with the prettiest collection of colors. It's crazy. This world is beautiful. I'm looking forward to taking some beautiful snow-filled photos in December and I hope you all had a wonderful November!