Changing Personal Style

Top: Zara / Jeans:  American Eagle  / Shoes: Payless / Earrings: ShopMissA / Bracelets: Francesca's

Top: Zara / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Payless / Earrings: ShopMissA / Bracelets: Francesca's

One of the best things about the fashion world is that you can really develop a personal style that changes with you as your body and personal tastes change over time. While I might not have worn a crop top just a couple of years ago, over the past year, I've found that they can look very put together if you find the right top and do wonders for evening out my short torso! 

I truly didn't realize how much my personal style had changed over the past year until I re-located to my hometown and got the repeated reaction that I now dress "fancier" than I did before! While I always knew that yoga pants and crewneck sweatshirts were kind of my sweet spot in college (oops!), I hadn't realized how drastically my outfits had changed in just one year. In no way have I been trying to dress "fancier", my clothing choices just started to change as a result of a change in lifestyle. Instead of dressing for comfort to trek across campus and spend late nights in the library, I started to select pieces that could fit in in both a casual or professional setting in case I needed to switch things up between work and home! 

One of the amazing things about personal style is that it can change. It changes with you as you grow, as you age, and even as your belly pooch gets bigger (yep, that's happening). There are always new trends in the fashion world but the great thing about them is that they're just trends. You are free to adopt them or let them pass you by, and a couple of years later you'll be greeted with another set of a new trends to try. You can pick and choose what works best for your personal style and incorporate that into how you look and how that makes you feel - and how you feel is what really matters :) 

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