PopSugar Must Have: August 2016


I’m finally getting back into the groove of blogging on the regular - which means it’s PopSugar time! Okay - getting a little too excited here, but given all the crazies that have been happening in my life, it’s nice to take a moment to pause and get excited about my subscription boxes. This month’s box was focused on organization and I loved the variety that brought to this month’s box! 


Baggu: Duck Bag - Retail $26

I was pleasantly surprised by this little bag - It’s very sturdy, goes with just about anything, and is easy to use as both a tote or to sling over your shoulder. I’ve been hauling around a laptop and hefty planner with me to work and have loved having this trusty bag to depend on! 


Cargo Cosmetics: The Big Easy Powder Blush - Retail $26

I have really been loving this blush ever since I received it - it’s the perfect shade of peachy pink that goes with just about any lip color or outfit. Oftentimes, I find that it can be easy to go overboard with pink blushes but this Cargo blush is both a nice color and pigmentation that easily complements without coming across too strongly. 


Triple C: PowerGloss in Silver - Retail $30

My phone is slowly deteriorating so this little re-chargeable battery comes at the perfect time! My favorite thing about this battery is that it really looks like a tube of lipstick - if I threw it in my make-up bag, I’m pretty sure I’d have even myself fooled! While I already have something similar, you really can’t have too many re-chargeable batteries…especially if you’re still running around playing Pokemon Go like I am :) 

Cookie Pop Popcorn: Cookies & Cream - Retail $3.99

I didn’t like this popcorn much so I ended up handing it over to my boyfriend to munch on. As much as I wanted to like this healthier cookies and cream option, I think my brain just resists the idea of mixing savory and sweet things together - eek!


Unplugged: Dusti Screen Cleaner - Retail $5.99

This is an awesome product for me because I am constantly getting all kinds of smudges and dust all over my screen! I loved being able to pull these cute screen cleaners out while on the go. I only wish that they would last a little bit longer! After a week or two of usage, the edges of the cleaner start to peel up and no longer stick to the back of my phone :( 


Christian Lacroix Paris: Paseo Sticky Note Folio - Retail $13

Who can say no to more sticky notes? Not this stationary addict. I’ll definitely be throwing this one into my bag for late study nights :) 

I loved the wide variety of products in August’s PopSugar! My only slight gripe is that the August PopSugar box was really late - I didn’t actually receive mine until the 1st of September! Although this isn’t something that bothers me personally, it might be something to consider if you’re thinking about getting the PopSugar box!

What did you think of your subscription boxes this month? Know of any boxes you think I should try? I’d love too hear your thoughts!