Shirt: Gift ( Similar ) / Scarf: Urban Outfitters ( Similar ) / Jeggings:  American Eagle  / Shoes:  Sperry Topside r / Bag: H&M  (Similar) /  Watch: Urban Outfitters ( Similar ) /Bracelets: Francesca's  (Similar) 

Shirt: Gift (Similar) / Scarf: Urban Outfitters (Similar) / Jeggings: American Eagle / Shoes: Sperry Topsider / Bag: H&M (Similar) / Watch: Urban Outfitters (Similar) /Bracelets: Francesca's (Similar) 

I will admit - half tucking my shirt in for this outfit was definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone! I can never quite figure out exactly where to tuck things or how tightly to tuck them in or how far to pull them back out! Honestly, tucking things in general tends to be slightly out of my comfort zone, but I really can't deny the fact that somehow, tucking this shirt in makes the outfit look more put together than leaving it free flowing.

Even though I'm still perfecting my tucking technique, I think this is a technique that I will definitely be using more often! Tucking in shirts really adds just a little bit more of a stylish edge to an otherwise casual outfit and I'm always on the lookout for more simple ways to dress up an outfit!


What are your thoughts on the half-tuck? Yay or nay?