PopSugar Must Have: Sept & Oct

I decided to combine my reviews of the September and October PopSugar boxes because I completely forgot to change my shipment address when I moved! I guess this just means that I got double the PopSugar boxes in October! After hauling my lazy butt back to my old apartment to gather my small mountain of packages, I now bring to you double the PopSugar boxes :)

IMG_5785 copy.jpg

Flint: Lint Roller - Retail $9.99

I absolutely love the idea behind this lint roller! It pretty much solves all of my lint rolling problems. I have a cat at home, cat sit on the regular, and recently started fostering cats as well, so lint rolling everything I own has become my life! This little lint roller is absolutely amazing because it's the perfect size to throw in a bag, is too cute to even look like a lint roller, and retracts into itself so you do not have to worry about it sticking to everything else in your bag. It literally solves all my lint rolling problems. I'm sold :) 


Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer (Retail $22), Briogeo: Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (Retail $36)

I have to say I wasn't too thrilled with either of these products - but mostly because they're simply not products I use regularly. The lip gloss is a little too sparkly for my taste but the packaging is absolutely beautiful, so it'll definitely make a nice gift for the holidays! As for the hair mask, my hair didn't feel any differently after using it so I probably won't be using this one much at all :( 


Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat - Retail $58

This was the sneak peek spoiler item for this month's PopSugar and I was so excited to receive it because I've really wanted to branch out in my hat choices!


MANI-ER Tool Kit - Retail $16

I love when I get useful things in my subscription boxes! While this might not be the sexiest thing to receive in a subscription box, I can already imagine bringing this along with me on vacation or throwing it in my purse to go to work. You never know when an emergency nail situation might occur!


The Gluten Free Bites: Dark Chocolate Cocunut Bites - Retail $4.99

The first time I tried these, I almost spit them out they were so bad! A couple days later, however, I gave them another go and they tasted amazing! I think the reason these two experiences were so different was because I'd eaten junk food before the first experience and healthier food before the second experience! So, pro tip - these are delicious - as long as you don't inhale a bag of barbecue potato chips beforehand :) 


Henri Bendel: Packable Umbrella - Retail $58

I love it when I receive useful things in my subscription boxes and to me, umbrellas are incredibly useful - not necessarily because it rains a lot where I live, but because I am perpetually losing my umbrellas! I love how cute and girly this one - hopefully it won't join the hoards of lost umbrellas I've contributed to the universe!

Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar - Retail $25

Receiving books makes me irrationally excited. I think it might be leftover from my days as a kiddo bookworm? Who knows! Even though I don’t read as much as I wish I did, books are still some of my favorite gifts to receive because they often hold so much more meaning than another bag or another palette of make-up. I'm super excited to read this and learn more about the creator of PopSugar!


Morning Culture: Rise and Shine Mug (Retail $16) + My Cup of Cocoa: Dark Drinking Chocolate (Retail $4.99)

I love this combination of mug and hot cocoa - it's such a perfect little addition to my giant collection of cozy-at-home things. Even if it's not the best for my physical health, a mug of cocoa is definitely best for my mental health :)


Lalicious: Shower Oil & Bubble Bath - Retail $28

This shower oil smells absolutely amazing and is perfect for the holidays - Yummm vanilla :) I tested it out as a bubble bath and it creates the perfect balance between bubbles and good smells. I'm a fan! 

Makeup Eraser Mini - Retail $12

I've wanted to try a makeup eraser for quite some time so I was super excited that one of them was included in this month's box! So far, this little guy has done an amazing job of removing all of my makeup at the end of the day - with just water! The downside is that all of my eyeliner tends to stay on the makeup eraser even after I try to rinse it out to re-use for the next day. So far, this hasn't affected how effective the makeup eraser is, but I'm not sure how long this will last!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Retail $8.99

Definitely didn't need this one - but it was a nice bonus! You can never have enough eyeliner, right? :P


What I've noticed in my subscription box experience is that I absolutely love the cozy, comfy, homey themed boxes that come out in the fall and winter months - but I usually don't like the summer "fun in the sun" themed boxes that come out in the warmer months. Maybe it's because I live in a colder climate so I don't have as much use for beach bags? I'm not quite sure what the reason is! I'm trying to be better about budgeting, so my subscription box addiction might be on a hold for the next couple of months - but more on this soon! Stay tuned!