PopSugar Must Have: August 2017


This month’s subscription box was all about celebration since the PopSugar Must Have box is celebrating its 5th year curating boxes! The PopSugar Must Have box is a monthly subscription ($40/month or less if you make a 3, 6, or year long commitment)  that sends subscribers full-size versions of the season's must-have beauty, fashion, and home products. I’ve subscribed to a lot of boxes in my time and the PopSugar Must Have box is my all-time favorite by a mile! If you’re looking for a box that gives you a ton of value and awesome products, this is the box for you! 


Pastel: Cheers Lacquered Tray | Retail $28

This is the prettiest little tray - that ended up being a lot bigger than I thought it would be! It’s almost the size of a standard piece of paper which I actually love! Most of my catchalls are about the size of my palm and with how much I throw in them, they get filled pretty quickly. I think this one’s going to end up on my coffee table as that’s where all of my things normally end up!  

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

First Aid Beauty: 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask | Retail $38

I’ve never tried anything from First Aid Beauty before so I was really excited to receive this product! It’s a mask that is meant to brighten and firm skin after 10 minutes of use. I’m excited to try it and get my first taste of the First Aid Beauty line! 


Dogeared: Friendship Bracelet with Small Open Hear | Retail $34

I absolutely loved receiving this little bracelet in my box this month! It’s dainty and super easy to wear. My only gripe is that it’s listed as retailing for $34. Given that I received it as a part of my subscription, this price tag usually doesn’t matter to me but this friendship bracelet, while cute, is extremely simple and even if it’s retailed at $34 I do not think it’s worth that much. 


Meri Meri: Gold Glitter Candles | Retail $7.50

My family is pretty small and practical so we’re really only celebrating birthdays a couple of times year, and when we do celebrate birthdays, we don’t often go through the hassle of putting candles in a cake 😛 As a result, this is kind of a useful product for me - but I can appreciate the fact that it fits in with the “birthday” theme and who doesn’t love glitter! 😀 


Fringe Studio: Free Spirit Journal | Retail $16

This was my favorite item of the August box! I love, love, love receiving stationary related products in my subscription box and this beautiful notebook will be perfect for some fall to-do lists! It’s also a gorgeous rose gold - a color I’ve been loving over the past year! 


Goodie Girl Cookies: Chocolate Chunk | Retail $2.95

I’ve tried a couple of not so great gluten-free desserts before so I had pretty low expectations for these cookies, but they were actually delicious! So much so that I pretty much nommed them all down in one sitting! 😛 (not recommended).  They’re definitely not as fluffy or buttery as normal chocolate cookies are, but hey, they’re gluten-free so they’re never going to be exactly like their full-of-gluten counterparts! 


Shoptiques: $25 Gift Card

I’m usually on the fence when it comes to gift cards in subscription boxes but I was pleasantly surprised by this one! Oftentimes, the gift card given isn’t even enough to cover a single product so I don’t end up purchasing anything and the gift card just gathers dust instead. Instead, the Shoptiques website had a ton of very affordable stuff that included all kinds of accessories, clothing, and decor. I ended up putting $50 worth of accessories in my cart - which I only ended up paying $25 for, thanks to this gift card! 😃 


Overall, I was very happy with this month’s PopSugar! I loved the happy, celebratory theme of the box and will be using most of the products in my day-to-day life. What did you think of your August PopSugar Must Have box?