Spring Kimonos ☀

                                              Kimono Top    /    Yoga Pants    /    Flats    /    Necklace    /    Lipliner   /    Fitbit Bands

                                             Kimono Top   /   Yoga Pants   /   Flats   /   Necklace   /   Lipliner  /   Fitbit Bands

It's almost spring which means *drum roll* COLORS! I'm a pretty cheery person so colors are my cheery person way of wearing my cheeriness for everyone to see. Honestly, how can you not look at a happy print like this and not smile just a little bit? Not to mention, these kimono tops are perfect for spring weather because they offer a little bit of warmth but are light enough that you don't get too hot as the weather warms up!

This is also one of my go-to outfit combinations because it's so simple. I own a ton of open front kimono tops (like this, this, and this one - I can't get enough of these!) and I love that I can throw them on with anything. Underneath the top, I'm just wearing your average tank top and yoga pants but with the colorful top on, it makes the outfit look much more put together even though I feel just as comfy :)

What are your favorite spring outfits? It's been so rainy in Chicago over the past couple of days that I've felt like I need to wear more color just to brighten up the dreary days! I guess the rain is just mother nature's way of prepping for spring!