The Happy Budget: November Finds!

If you've been following my blog - you'll know that I recently decided to ditch my subscription box addiction!  This is a bittersweet decision for me because I love subscription boxes with all of my heart, however, I really couldn't justify the cost of subscription boxes when I didn't feel like they were truly giving me the value that I was paying for them. Instead, I've decided to try re-budgeting the money I used to spend on subscription boxes towards a guilt-free happy shopping budget where I'm letting myself buy home, style, or beauty items that simply make me happy!

With this new plan in place, I'm hoping to find a lot more new products that I love and essentially create my own collection of fun lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and home items that make me just as happyas subscription boxes do! Except, this time, I get to pick products I 100% want and a greater value and feeling like I spent my money in the right place! So without further ado, here are my November finds! 

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Elf Matte Lipstick in Wine - Elf Matte Lipstick in Praline - Elf Matte Lipstick in Natural - Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry - Home Scents Candle in Tahitian Vanilla - Harvest Decorative Pumpkins - Elegant Writer Calligraphy Markers - Target Mondays Mug

Total Spent: $52


Most of the items from this month are finds from Target because conveniently, I live right next to a Target and go there whenever I'm in need of a little happy boost! All of those memes about how you go into Target to buy toothpaste and come out with $100 worth of random junk you don't need? Guilty. Target is awesome

                                    Picture Source: Media Cache

                                   Picture Source: Media Cache

The most surprising find of this month was the Tahitian Vanilla Candle! I don't normally think of Target as a place to buy candles (I'm a Bath & Body Works kind of gal through and through) but ever since I picked it up, both my boyfriend and I have been in love with it! It was only $7 and fills the room with the most amazing vanilla smell - without being too overpowering. I actually ended up buying a second one because we burned through the first one so quickly! 

Since I've budgeted about $100 towards my happy budget each month, I'm satisfied with what I've spent this month! Christmas shopping is going to get crazy so it's probably best that I went under budget for November! Plus, I may have done a little bit of a shop here and there for Black Friday, but I'll be counting that in my December Finds instead - shhhh! What are your favorite finds of the past month? :)