PopSugar Must Have: November 2016


AJ Goods: Nest Wire Bowl, Retail $35

Legit guys, I swear on my life - I was about to buy a fruit bowl at Target the other day. My bananas have been sitting all lonely on my counter, so I'm pretty excited that they now have a little home of their own! This has happened to me more times than I can count - where my PopSugar box gifts me something I was just about to buy. Either they can read my mind or I'm a really basic, predictable person. Probably the latter :) 


Stowaway Cosmetics: Dawn to Dusk Palette, Retail $25

PopSugar previously included a Stowaway lipstick set in last year's December box (My review: Here!) which I loved (and still use today!), however, I'm a little sad to say that I wasn't quite as impressed with this eyeshadow palette. I love the colors included in this palette, but when I swatched them out and tried to use them on my lids, most of the colors had almost no pigmentation! The dark brown and blue shades were the only the two shades I felt stood their ground. Now, I do have more golden/olive toned skin so this palette might still show up better on people who have paler skin. On the positive side, I do love the packaging of this palette - it's smooth to the touch and is literally the size of a credit card so it's perfect for carrying around in a purse for touch-ups! 


Kendra Scott: Elaina Scott Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl, Retail $50

I have been loving wearing this bracelet because it's such a simple, elegant design. Although it's not something I personally would spend $50 on, it definitely proves the value of the PopSugar box! 


Meri Meri: Star Party Picks, Retail $8

Okay, this is one of those items where I ask myself two questions: Is it cute? Yes. Will I use it? No. As cute as these are, the only situation I can imagine using these is if I were baking Christmas cupcakes with my kids for a cute little Christmas party! Seeing as I don't have kids and I'm not planning on throwing a Christmas party, I'm not even sure where this imaginary situation's come from :P


Pehr: Chambray Runner Wine, Retail $44

First words as I pulled this out of the box: "Oooh I wonder if I could wear this as a scarf instead" :P I've never used a table runner ever before so this will be my first foray into the table décor world, but I love the autumnal combination of wine red and dusty white so much, I wish I could wear it as a scarf!


Oogie's Snacks: Gourmet Toffee Butter Popcorn, Retail $2.99

Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of sweet popcorn so this one was just flat out a no go for me :(


I'm a little mixed on this month's box. While I did love the fruit bowl and the bracelet, the rest of the products were just a little meh for me. This will actually be my last PopSugar box review for a little while (although I've still got one last FabFitFun box coming my way!) because I've decided to do a little experiment by ditching my subscription boxes and re-budgeting the money I spend on subscriptions into what I'm calling a "happy" budget. More on this to come in a separate blog post so stay tuned!