Ipsy Glam Bag Review: February 2019

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Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription that gives subscribers 4-5 sample and full size products for $10 a month. All of the beauty samples also come in a handy little makeup bag.


Box Faves:

  • Hey Honey CC Cream: I was pleasantly surprised by this product because I am a die hard IT Cosmetics CC cream fan (my rave review here) so I wasn't expecting to like any other CC Cream as much as I like the IT Cosmetics. I find that most CC creams do not have enough coverage and even separate in the bottle so that you get a pretty oily mixture if you don’t use it quickly enough. This Hey Honey CC Cream is the closest thing I've found to the IT Cosmetics. Although I still love the IT Cosmetics a touch more, this one rivals it on coverage and moisturization and has been awesome for throwing in my bag on busy days!

  • Seraphine Botanicals Highlight: This highlight does exactly what its name suggests, it's a very natural radiance boost! I was expecting to not like this product (in the package, it looks like a pretty opaque silvery color) but I was pleasantly surprised by how natural and subtle it looks on the skin. I've been using it on days where I'm not wearing too much other make-up and I think it provides the perfect bit of glow without going too over the top :)

Box Flops:  

I didn't have any specific box flops this month since I've used everything and have been happy with how they’ve performed, but I have to admit that when I opened the bag, there wasn't anything I was especially excited about. Sometimes, I'll get excited about trying a brand I've heard of but never had the chance to try or a product I've seen reviews of - but this month, nothing really stood out to me.

Overall, this month was just an okay bag. I wasn't disappointed by it in any way - in fact, I am relatively happy with everything I received, however, there wasn't anything that hit me in the face as especially amazing either. That being said, what I love about Ipsy is that they now allow you to customize the frequency of when you receive their glam bags. You can select to receive a glam bag every month, one every other month, or even less frequently than that - although in my experience, some of these less frequent options don't show up until you are trying to cancel your subscription. For the last 6 or so months, I was on the every other month ipsy subscription, but recently, I've been playing around a lot more with different types of make-up so I've switched back to receiving my ipsy glam bag every month. For me, my ipsy bag is definitely worth it because when I look back at the different glam bag products I've received, I can confidently say that I either used up or am still using at least 80% of the products I receive in my glam bags - how crazy! If you feel like you don't have time to go out and shop for new makeup but want to try out new formulas and brands of makeup, I think ipsy is an awesome option.

What did you think of your ipsy glam bag this month? Are there any other subscription boxes you think I should try? Leave me a comment below!


PopSugar Must Have vs. FabFitFun: Winter 2018 Box!

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Good morning, everyone! I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts on the winter PopSugar Must Have and FabFitFun boxes today :) If you’re curious about how these two quarterly boxes compare to one another, stay tuned! 


PopSugar Must Have

The PopSugar Must Have box is a $75/box quarterly subscription that includes full-size fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle items. This summer’s box focused on products that will help you unwind and relax! 


Box Faves:

  • Ellia Essential Oil Roll-on: I was so excited to receive this product because I’ve been exploring essential oils as a way to reduce anxiety. Every since starting graduate school, I’ve noticed my anxiety flaring up and using essential oils is one way I’m trying to stop anxiety in its tracks! This on-the-go roller will make bringing my essential oils around so much easier!

  • Kate Spade Calendar: I’m a little obsessed with all things planner, calendar, and organization related. This Kate Spade calendar is classy and is working its magic bringing a little liveliness to my boring office desk!

Box Flops:

  • Honestly? I don’t have any particular flops to share because I wasn’t really thrilled with anything else in the box! While the rest of the box included some stunning products, most of it was stuff I didn’t really feel like I needed or wanted!


FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends full-size versions of the seasons top fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness products. Each box is about $50 if you subscribe month-to-month and slightly less if you select an annual subscription.


Box Faves:

  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick: Hands down my favorite of the box :) I love a good lipstick and Bite does an amazing lipstick. Every lipstick I have from Bite has easily become a favorite because of their amazing formula (perfect mix between moisturizing + decent staying power)!

  • Bearpaw Headband and Glove Duo: I didn't think this was going to be one of my favorites but I've continued to reach for this headband and glove duo over and over again!

Box Flops:

  • Anthropolie x Mer-Sea Body Cream: I really wanted to like this body cream, but the scent was just too much for me - I swear you can smell it from 2 rooms over if I put even a tiny bit on my hands!

  • Thrive Causemetics Eye Brightener: This was a flop for me because I already own this product and hardly *ever* use it! Although the formula of the product goes on really smoothly, this eye brightener doesn't really show up much on my skin, so I think I'll be gifting it to someone else!

The winner: FabFitFun

This season, there was a clear winner for me - so much so that I actually cancelled my subscription for the must have box! (sorry popsugar!). As much as I used to love the PopSugar box, I’ve found that the new quarterly box format really wasn’t for me. Although the products they select are now higher quality and always nice to have, I’ve found that the box no longer really fits my life at the moment. I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to be more intentional about the things I buy and I’ve found that most of the products I receive from my PopSugar box don’t really see much use :( so unfortunately, you won’t see any more PopSugar reviews from me (for now!).

I will, however, be continuing my subscription to FabFitFun! I still find myself using most of my FabFitFun products and love how it seems to predict my needs and interests well! I think a huge part of this is the fact that, as an annual subscriber, I'm able to choose a lot of what I receive in the box. Although this does mean I'm not *as* surprised when I receive the items, it's still a surprise getting to see what items I can choose from! I love being able to choose what I receive because oftentimes, I'll go for an item that I really need or one that I don't already have!

What did you think of your subscription boxes this month? Do you prefer PopSugar or FabFitFun? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


BeautyFix: April 2018


This month’s BeautyFix box theme was Au Naturale in honor of Earth Day. It featured natural beauty products with clean, fresh ingredients! BeautyFix is a monthly skincare, makeup, and haircare subscription box created by DermStore. A monthly subscription is $24.95 per box and a one-time box purchase is $34.95. Most items in the box are either full or deluxe sample size products. 


Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash | Full-Size $10

I’ve tried a lot of Pacifica products with just okay results. This cleanser has a really nice sweet coconut smell and feel extremely light on the skin, but isn’t something I’d re-purchase (although it will be great to throw in summer travel bags!).


Sunday Riley: Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream | Full-Size $65

This gel cream treatment boasts hyaluronic acid as one of its ingredients which makes me so happy because hyaluronic acid is one of my favorite skincare ingredients! I just find anything with hyaluronic acid super hydrating without adding too much of that greasey feel you might get with other moisturizers. This cream feels very light on the skin and smells like cucumbers! Plus, Sunday Riley is a brand that I’ve never tried but always have heard good things about, so I love that BeautyFix included this brand!


Juice Beauty: Stem Cellular Moisturizer | Full-Size $70

The BeautyFix box almost always includes a Juice Beauty product each month, so for me, the novelty of this brand has worn off a little bit. Although I still very much enjoy the products I receive from Juice (especially because a lot of them are full-size!), I’m not the biggest fan of the signature scent they put on all of their products! 


The Organic Pharmacy: Enzyme Peel Mask | Full-Size $79

This peel mask smelled like straight up orange juice - which was a pleasant surprise! The sample itself was tiny, so I was a little disappointed that I was only able to get 2-3 uses out of it, but I enjoyed the fact that it was a peel mask that didn’t make my skin sting like a lot of other peel masks tend to do. 


Skyn Iceland: Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels | 4 Pack $15

Yeesss! This is one my all-time favorite eye gels! I’ve received it in numerous subscription boxes and am always so excited to use them again! Although my under eye bags usually aren’t too bad, I love how relaxing and luxurious putting on a pair of eye gels feels! These gels are super, super cooling, stay on for hours, and really help to relax and de-puff the under eye area. 


This Works: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | Full-Size $56

I’ve really been wanting to try a good pillow spray because I’ve heard so many great things about how they can help you get better quality sleep! This spray smells wonderful and I’ve enjoyed using it, but it was honestly such a small sample that I couldn’t really tell if the pillow spray really worked for me. I wish the sample they’d given was a little bigger!


HUM Nutrition: Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder | Full-Size $39

This superfood powder claims to provide beauty boosting nutrients and is something you can easily throw into a morning smoothie if that’s something that’s already a part of your routine! Unfortunately, this just isn’t the product for me - I’ve previously received superfood powders in other subscription boxes and to me, they taste awful! 


Tammy Fender: Intensive Repair Balm | Full-Size $130 (!!!)

In this month’s box, subscribers could have received one of two products from Tammy Fender. I received the intensive repair balm. The name of this product makes it sound like a really heavy moisturizer but it’s actually much more lightweight than I expected! Although I don’t love the smell of the product, it works well and I’ll be happy to bring it along for a couple of trips I’ll be taking this summer!


I am always so impressed by the value of the BeautyFix boxes. With the price tags on these skincare products, you are getting way more than what you pay for the box! If you are a skincare junkie like I am, you really cannot go wrong with the BeautyFix boxes. Through these boxes I’ve been introduced to tons of new brands and products that I’ve really enjoyed and I always feel like i’m getting such a great deal on products that are oftentimes high-end and therefore, much more expensive than the $25 price tag of the BeautyFix box!

What did you think of this month's BeautyFix box? I'd love to hear your thoughts!